The Eddie Kranepool Society

Thursday, May 18, 2006

PULL THE PLUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omar, have you seen enough of Lima Time? I sure as shit have! Enough! Lima Time is more than done it's well done. And to make matters worse, Brain Bannister is headed back to NYC for an MRI as he has re-injured his hamstring in his first rehab start today in St. Lonesome. I would rather see Anthony Young out there (look him up boys and girls) than Lima Time. No more Lima Time, it's HEILMAN TIME! With Bannister going down today and Lima sucking for the third straight start, the move to Heilman has to be made. What other choice is there? Joe Mays? sure he's available but all he is is the Caucasian version of Lima Time. Trade for Livan Hernandez? Sure but with the Nats in transition I don't think Foster Brooks.....errrr I mean Jim Bowden can make such a deal as his employment is in peril. Dontrelle Willis? Barry Zito? It's not happening. So what to do. I guess the Mets go with the casting call from the bushes. Evan MacLain (Norfolk) and Willie Collazo (B-Mets) a couple of lefties are doing very well as is Alay Soler, any of them can not be worse than Lima. The move to make is bring Heilman in from the pen and give him 2 or 3 starts. Let Bannister heal that hammy fully and hope the John Maine can get back soon or Mike Pelfrey throws a perfect game for the B-Mets and gets the call. < |