The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

OUCH! THAT HURT Down 3-0 late in the game with the big bats of X and Delgado bringing the Mets back into this game, this had all the makings of one of those classic games that SNY would air as Mets Marathon on Christmas Day, but that went by the boards in the 9th when Aaron Heilman threw away Bobby Abreu's swinging bunt allowing David Dellucci to score the winning run. First off, Heilman has to let Dookie make that play. Dookie to his credit said after the game that it was his fault as he got in Heilman's way. Nice of Dookie to stick up for Heilman but Heilman has to let Dookie get to that ball. What makes this loss worse is that Heilman got two quick outs in the inning and at that point I was very confident the Mets were going to win this game as the pitchers spot was due up first in the top 10th and then Reyes, Dookie and Beltran I figured at least one run would come from those guys. Also lost in this game was the Petey's performance. He's still 5-0 but in 46 IP Petey has struck out 52 batters and walked only 14. The guy is everything you ever wanted in an ace pitcher and more. At some point either Cliff Floyd has to get a day or two off or X has to be moved to the 6 spot because Floyd can't buy a hit. Even though his strike out total is low (11K's) he's not hitting for any power, just 3 doubles and 3 HR in 105 AB's. X is hitting at .287/.336/.557 clip that is Cliff Floyd-ian production. Dear Doug Eddings, You suck! First you miss ball 4 on Matsui in the 8th inning you called a pitch that was closer to KazMat's eyes than his chest and inside and you call that a strike? Then you pompous piece of shit, you remove your mask and make a fool of yourself by tossing Julio Franco for saying it was a bad call. Franco never confronted you and no one would have known he said anything until you made yourself part of the show by removing your mask. Doug no need to do that as we know you very well because of your fucked up call in the World Series. I hope you and Angel Hernandez enjoy your big plate of Johnny Cakes. Sincerely TEKPS < |