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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

JERED WEAVER TO START SUNDAY FOR HALOS Interesting eh? Weaver was a 2004 1st round draft pick but did not sign with the Angels until May 2005. He has made 7 pitching appearences in A ball, 8 in AA, and 5 in AAA since last summer and this season. So there is a prescedent set here as the Mets seem to leaning toward Mike Pelfry joining the team some time this summer. If Pelfry has say 5 more outstanding starts in Bingampton, I could see Omar moving him up to Norfolk with an eye on Shea, or who knows maybe he skips Norfolk altogether and moves right to Shea.,1,4208469.story?coll=la-headlines-pe-sports&ctrack=1&cset=true < |