The Eddie Kranepool Society

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I WILL NOW STICK A BROOM IN MY ARSE AND SWEEP THE FLOOR Besides doing this blog, I also have a full time job that pays the bills and I coach a Little League team and I have to find some time for Mrs. Kranepool Society (wink,wink) so yesterday I had to drop the blogging part of my day. What's tough this season with Little League I have an older team and alot of the weeknight games are at 7:45 PM under the lights. Last night was one of those nights and of course the game was played in a crisp 2 HR's (Thank God it's just 6 innings, oh by the way we lost 11-6 our late inning rally falling short) In fact by the time I got home the Mets-Nats game was over. I started to watch the highlights but I got involved in the Red Wings-Oilers game on OLN, but I digress, it was nice to see the good Zambrano Project show up at Shea. Hopefully he will hang around for the homestand as he is on schedule to pitch Saturday against the Braves, of course it's the game I have tickets for. I swear to God, the last couple of years the games I buy tickets for in advance either Trachsel or Zambrano pitches. But last night was definitly a game last year's Mets would have lost. Dookie's combacker would have been a double play and the Mets would have gone down in like 15 innings to the Nats. But this year the karma seems to have reveresd itself and not a season too soon. I'm getting ready to relax and watch John Maine make his Mets debut but first did anyone catch this little blurb in today's NY Post: {Minaya revealed yesterday that the team considered calling up top prospect Mike Pelfrey when Bannister got hurt. Pelfrey had just been promoted to Double-A last Tuesday. } WOW!!! Looks like it just a matter of time before Pelfry will be in the big leagues. If I can stay awake Ihope to be back on tonight with a John Maine review. < |