The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, May 14, 2006

HI I'M TIM TSCHIDA AND MY PICK OF THE DAY IS THE MILWAUKEE BREWERS. That did cross my mind during the 8th inning of last night's games. That Tschida had a couple coins on tonight's game. Oh sure it can't happen right? The same way no baseball player would take medicine made for horse's to hit home runs and the all time Hit King would never bet on his own team. Look in the 4th inning Prince Fielder hits a ball that hits below the yellow line that signifies a HR. The first base ump, Ted Barrett runs down the line and calls the ball in play which was the correct call. But here comes Tschida running from his spot at home plate to overrule the call. There was no dispute from the Brewers but Tischida after an umpires conference decides it's a home run. It's funny how MLB umpires call conferences when ever they like it but if a manager comes out to dispute a call they hardly ever confer. And if they do they always stick by what their brother ump calls. Then we have the bottom of the 8th inning where the Mets are up by an 8-4 score. Dauner Sanchez is in to get 3 outs and set up Billy Wagner for a save. Sanchez promptly gives up the lead with a 3 run HR to Cory Koskie and then a solo homer to Damian Miller the next batter. So now the the game is tied at 8 in the bottom of the 8th and Brady Clark is up. Sanchez hits Clark in the back with a pitch so now the winning run is on 1st with one out and the pitcher spot up with a pinch hitter and then top of the order. With all this information in his head what does Tim Tschida do? He runs Sanchez out of the game. No warning, no conferring with Willie about hitting batters nothing just a big "Your Outta Here". Are you kidding me? Willie comes out and grabs Sanchez and Dookie and goes to Tschida and calmly questions his judgment. Then as Willie walks away he glares at Tschida and he gets the boot. Willie now goes into Billy Martin mode and I will say it was good to see the skipper give this dumbass Tschida a going over. I hope there was alot of saliva spraying from Willie's mouth as he gave Tschida a piece of his mind. < |