The Eddie Kranepool Society

Saturday, May 06, 2006

HELP WANTED STARTING PITCHER. MUST BE ABLE TO THROW FOR AT LEAST 6 INNINGS. NO PREFERENCE ON THROWING ARM, BUT LEFTHANDERS WILL BE GIVEN PRIORITY TREATMENT. IF INTERESTED PLEASE CALL 718 507-METS ASK FOR OMAR. My day of baseball began at 8:30am as I was at the Little League field getting ready for a 9:30 game this morning. After a thrilling 8-7 win, I grabbed my wife and kids and ran to our van and hightailed out to Shea for today's Mets-Braves game. My son was in the back seat and asked for the Daily News, he wanted to see who was pitching and as he turned to the list of probable pitchers, he said in has best Jerry Seinfeld voice "Zambrano"! and then threw the newspaper down in disgust. After an inning and third today over 48,000 people at Shea said the same thing. After getting though the 1st inning, The Zambrano project threw a pitch to Andruw Jones and ran off the mound like he saw Dick Cheney with a hunting rifle. Next thing you know Willie Randolph and the training staff are out to talk to him and he goes back to the mound only to throw one more pitch and yell "No Mas". Now after depleting the bullpen just about 13 hours earlier in a great 8-7 win, Zambrano has to leave the game and in comes Daren Oliver to take over. Oliver was fabulous today and he had a double as well but you cannot underestimate the job he did on the mound today. But one problem I have with Oliver is he was wearing a Stop Snitching t-Shirt under his uniform: {Darren Oliver, who relieved Mets starter Victor Zambrano after just four batters when Zambrano experienced discomfort in his right elbow. "I kind of knew that might happen," Oliver said of Zambrano's sudden exit. "I knew to be ready. We talked a couple of days ago. I didn't know how serious it was." } First off this Zambrano is a friggin' head case. It' s like he scared shit to say anything to Professor Rick or Willie when he is not physically right. Randolph said after the game that Zambrano never told him about any discomfort he's had in his elbow so you know Zambrano will now take a permanent spot in Willie's Dog House (where Kaz Matsui seems to be vacating) as he now but the Mets behind the 8 ball. Add in John Maine going on the DL''s....LIMA TIME! (AGGGGHHHH!) The great come from behind wins of the last two games have become less important. The question is now "Who's going to pitch"? With the heavy workload of this past week, Randolph gave Heilman, Sanchez and Wagner the day off as he used Feliciano, Underground Bradford, the newly brought up Bart Fortunanto, and JORGE JULIO:CLOSER! today. Even with that trio getting touched up when Julio got Renteria to hit a ground out to Reyes to end the game, Randolph came dashing out of the dugout and gave Julio a blast to the chest. It was as Randolph turned into Jesse Jackson and was telling Julio to scream out "I AM SOMEBODY". It was Randolph's vindication of the faith he has shown in Julio and it paid off today, even though 49,000 Mets fans went home not sure by what they just saw. I know most Mets fans fear Lima Time as I am but tell me you won't be glued to the TV tomorrow when he takes the mound? I 'll say it right now Lima will be sky high pumped tomorrow and will pitch a solid 6 innings. < |