The Eddie Kranepool Society

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

FIGURES, METS GET THE LEAD AND HERE COMES THE RAIN So because this game was halted by rain without the 7th inning being completed, if it gets rained out it becomes a suspended game with the Mets leading 4-3 . Tom Glavine gave up 3 runs and was ready to come out of the game with Aaron Heilman ready to pitch the 7th (still raining Gary Cohen said the weather radar indicated heavy rain on th eway to St. Lou so this game if suspended would be played tomorrow night before the regular game at 8 PM). Welcome back to the hitters club Gliff Floyd with a double and a single. Same for Jose Reyes who banged out a 2 run HR. You worry that Reys may get fly ball happy after that, why not bring back Ricky Henderson to work with Reyes and teach him how to hit the ball on the ground and lay down a drag bunt? < |