The Eddie Kranepool Society

Thursday, May 04, 2006

BORN AGAIN GLAVINE Tom Glavine continues his "Resurrected Tour" with another classic start tonight at Shea. Watching Glavine pitch right now is like going to an art gallery and enjoying the interpretation of a fine art piece. You know how you'd place your hand on your ching and try to figure out what the artist is trying to say in his or her pieces? I find myself doing that with Glavine. "Hummm, 10 mph reduction in the change up from the fast ball but both pitches down and away, ......interesting". "Wellll.....after going outside with a breaking ball, Glavine now comes up in in with an 87 mph fastball to knock the batter off the plate.....yes, yes I am following his work". Titan Tommy has become and artist. Now that's the David Wright we all know and love, except for the fielding error oh and by the way here's a big middle finger for you Francessa with your "I told you he can't field" bullshit! When Wright wins a Gold Glove at third and I know he will, I'd like to smash it over Manhasset Mikes huge head. Say something funny Mike! Sorry for that detour. Wright looks to be out of his slump as his 4 for 5 night has him over .300 again. Xavier Nady is becoming our Paul O'Neil but without all the drama. X not only has hit a ton so far but his defense has been flawless, as has the whole outfield. I like how Willie has brought along Jorge Julio but I would love to see him in the deep end of the pool once in awhile. It's nice to come into a 6-0 game and get out of the inning but how about if Zamabrano or Maine gets in trouble say around the 4th inning this weekend, how about brining in Julio to get out a jam there and pitch an inning or 2 of meaningful baseball to get to the Heilman/Sanchez/Wagner troika? Say what you want about Willie Randolph and I have had lots of issues with him but the guy looks very confident and comfortable as Mets manager. Just watching his post game press conference which by the way could be longer, he looks like he can't wait to get questioned. He still doesn't give you much information but he gives off a "you have the balls to question me" attitude which I kinda like. Mike Pelfry was hit hard today against the Akron Aeros. Pelfry in 4 innings gave up 13 hits and 5 runs in a 7-5 B-Mets loss. The way Willie was hinting about John Maine maybe/not be getting the start on Sunday I was thinking that maybe Pelfry may have gotten the call but with this start today and his getting lit up I can see that's not happening. What will be interesting is to see how Pelfry rebounds in his next start since I bet it's been a while since he's had an ugly line like that. You do realize that the Braves are now 7 games back of the Mets and a nice three game sweep would send the Bravos to 10 games back of the Mets. Hey a guy can dream can't he? < |