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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

BELL OF THE BALL Matt Cerone is reporting that the Mets have called up The Bloggers Favorite pitcher (this one included) Heath Bell and have sent Bart Fortunato back to Norfolk. This is the move that should have been made Saturday but never the less better late than never. Bell is a big upgrade over Fortunato and hopefully Willie will give Bell the same patience and understanding afford to Jorge Julio. I am not in the Aaron Heilman to rotation movement as I think fans are getting to wound up here and not letting this 4 and 5 spot in the rotation work itself out. Remember we all hated Zambrano and Maine and Bannister on still on the DL and both do not have life threatening injuries. So figure you'll get to see Bozo Lima one more time and a cameo from Jeremi Gonzalez. Add to the equation that it looks like Omar desperately wants to bring up Mike Pelfry and all he needs is to see is two or three great starts from him to pull the trigger. The biggest problem with brining up Pelfry will be the media hype upon his arrival. If Pelfry played in KC or Tampa there would be no fanfare whatsoever and the kid could get himself acclimated to the big leagues but that won't happen in the media capital of the world. Sorry for the short posts but I am in the middle of a 4 games in 5 days run at Little League including 3 nights straight of games. Anyone who has ever coached Little League I hope can sympathize with me about finding pitchers for these games. The rules of Little League are for every 3 innings or less a pitcher goes he must have 1 full day of rest. Over 3 innings, 3 full days of rest. In total a kid can not pitch more than 6 innings in a week (Sunday-Saturday). In addition to that in the minor league division I coach in 12 year old players are prohibited from pitching. So of my thirteen player roster I have four 12 yr. olds. Of the remaining 9 players four a good enough to take the mound. Then add in that every player must get 1 AB an play 9 defensive outs in the field. So I have to switch 8 players during a game 4 starters come out, 4 resevers go in. So you can see why I don't think Willie and Omar have it so bad. In fact I'd switch places with either on in a heartbeat. < |