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Sunday, May 07, 2006

ATTENTION METS FANS, COME DOWN OFF THE LEDGE! Let me see if I have this right, it is Victor Zambrano who is out for the rest of the season not Pedro Martinez? Zambrano, the guy we all hate, the guy who is very inconsistent, the guy who is barely a league average pitcher, this Victor Zambrano is the guy causing usually level headed Mets fans to talk about trading for Barry Zito for Lastings Milledge or rushing up Mike Pelfry or crying that the season is on the brink of destruction? That Victor Zambrano? Com'on folks get a grip. Sure the Omar needs to go find a pitcher for the 4th or 5th slot in the rotation but please let's hope he looks at all his options and doesn't bring back a 2006 version of Kaz Ishii. The one thing going for this pitching staff right now is that Petey and Glavine are a great 1-2 punch as there is in baseball. What needs to be said is that Mr. "Maybe I should have thrown a no-hitter" Steve Trachsel has to step up his game. Brain Banister is about 10 days away from rejoining the rotation and Darren Oliver looks like he could be a hold the fort type of guy. Then there's John Maine whose finger injury is not life threatening, so what we have here now is a test of the Mets mettle. With three games against the white hot Phillies coming up and game against the Cardinals we will see what our team is made from. After taking the last 2 series in a row from the Braves I'm feeling pretty confident about this team. Now if you think Omar should be on the phone looking to wheel and deal there are a few names out there that could be had. But remember teams will price gouge like Omar was riding and SUV past the last gas station in town when it comes to a decent arm. One pitcher I looked at was LHP Mark Redman. Redman has not had much success since 2003 when he won 14 games for the World Champion Marlins but since then he's been passed around more than a hooker at Hunts Point, playing for the A's, Pirates and now the Royals. Redman is one of these touchy-feely pitchers who relievers more on finesse than power as he has a below average fast ball but makes up for it with a pretty goos curve and change of pace. But when he's on he hits corners and is effective. His talent is wasted in KC and at a salary of $4.5 mil for the 06 season he could be moved for a song. Oliver Perez has always intrigued me. He has a plus fastball and a descent curve but the big knock on him is his immaturity. If Omar could some how pry him away from the Bucs and hook him up with Petey and Glavine and even Julio Franco to help him grow up, it could be the move a la Donn Clendenon that puts the Mets over the top. Then we have the farm hands. I mentioned Bannister and Maine but how about Jeremi Gonzalez. He has a 1-2 record on a bad Norfolk club but his ERA is 3.03 and in 35.2 IP he has K'd 30 and walked just 9 batters. Looking for a darkhorse, how about Willie Collazo down in Binghamton? Here is a blurb from Mets Minors on Collazo from last night: { Willie Collazo dealt eight scoreless innings to start the game. He fanned six and gave up six hits, but didn�?t walk a batter. Vincent Cordova worked the ninth, and Robert Paulk in his second appearance since his promotion from St. Lucie snagged the win with a perfect tenth. With the win, Collazo improved to 3-1, 1.93 ERA. He�?s struck out 27 and walked just two in his 37.1 Binghamton innings. He allowed five runs in his one loss on April 18th, but has been nearly dominant otherwise and hasn�?t allowed more than two runs in any other appearance. } Collazo signed as a minor league free agent after kicking around the Braves and Angels organization. He also played in the WBC for Puerto Rico and is no kid at 27. Why not give him a shot over Lima Time? Speaking of Lima Time even though it was not an outing to be proud of, Lima was the victim of some bizarre play. When was the last time you saw two ejections one from each team, on the same play like we saw in the 2nd inning. Angel Hernandez is one suck ass umpire. But really is it worth the Mets while to let Lima Time go again or would Gonzalez or Collazo be a better option? Oh and Aaron Sele has been promoted to the Dodgers after a demotion to Triple A and Kevin Appier has put out feelers as well. So if you see a light on at Shea, that's Omar burning the midnight oil and the phone lines. < |