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Friday, May 19, 2006


Thursday, May 18, 2006

FUTURE ACES John Sickels compairs our man Pelfrey with the Highlanders top prospect Philip Hughes. It's a very close call between the two but Plfrey not having any health isues ans Hughes with bouts of arm soreness gives Our Man Plefrey this matchup by an elbow. <

PULL THE PLUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omar, have you seen enough of Lima Time? I sure as shit have! Enough! Lima Time is more than done it's well done. And to make matters worse, Brain Bannister is headed back to NYC for an MRI as he has re-injured his hamstring in his first rehab start today in St. Lonesome. I would rather see Anthony Young out there (look him up boys and girls) than Lima Time. No more Lima Time, it's HEILMAN TIME! With Bannister going down today and Lima sucking for the third straight start, the move to Heilman has to be made. What other choice is there? Joe Mays? sure he's available but all he is is the Caucasian version of Lima Time. Trade for Livan Hernandez? Sure but with the Nats in transition I don't think Foster Brooks.....errrr I mean Jim Bowden can make such a deal as his employment is in peril. Dontrelle Willis? Barry Zito? It's not happening. So what to do. I guess the Mets go with the casting call from the bushes. Evan MacLain (Norfolk) and Willie Collazo (B-Mets) a couple of lefties are doing very well as is Alay Soler, any of them can not be worse than Lima. The move to make is bring Heilman in from the pen and give him 2 or 3 starts. Let Bannister heal that hammy fully and hope the John Maine can get back soon or Mike Pelfrey throws a perfect game for the B-Mets and gets the call. <

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Adam Rubin has a great Q & A in his mailbag today about the inner workings of the Kazmir deal. In fact Ijsut finished reading his new book Pedro, Carlos and Omar The Story of a Season in the Big apple and the Pursuit of Baseball's Top Latino Stars and it covers this and much more of the fall and rise of the Mets. Well worth buying.

{Adam, I think you do a very good job covering the Mets. My question to you is: Who really made the Kazmir trade? Was it forced on Jim Duquette by Jeff Wilpon because of Wilpon's belief in Rick Peterson? And in your mind, how are Fred and Jeff Wilpon really thought of by current GM Omar Minaya and the last two GMs (Steve Phillips and Jim Duquette) in terms of working for them? Thanks for your time. Mohammed Mohammed, Wow, that�s a lot to tackle. I�d first point you to this previous entry, which has an excerpt from my book and attempts to partly explain it.

This is going to be too simplistic, but I�d say it was a perfect storm type of thing - a lot of factors. The superscouts, Bill Livesey and Al Goldis, having a lot of influence. Livesey�s personal relationship with Victor Zambrano from Tampa Bay leading to an overvaluation of him. The Mets getting irrationally spooked by Kazmir�s off-the-field behavior. Ownership, which shouldn�t be making actual baseball decisions, too involved - and going for it because they were six games behind the Braves entering a three-game series in Atlanta. Not seeing major red flags with Zambrano before the trade and doing medical due diligence.

Zambrano had been backed off starts and his velocity was down even before the trade because of supposed elbow �soreness.� As I understand, Mets doctors never did an independent medical evaluation. They relied on the word of D-Rays doctors, who had supposedly only taken an X-Ray, which wouldn�t reveal what an MRI would.

Also, the Mets didn�t really let it be known they would entertain trading Kazmir, who seemed untouchable. Other GMs said after that trade that they would have offered more had they known the Mets would deal Kazmir.

Also, Jim Duquette was named GM because established GMs like Gerry Hunsicker and Pat Gillick wanted no part of the place, wary of how much autonomy they actually would have. Duquette was the GM, so it�s his trade, but I�ve always felt he was more following orders than executing his own plan.

I can keep going...even if Rick Peterson gets too much flak, they were probably overly reliant on his data that suggest the typical high school pitcher needs 500 innings in the minors and struggles his first year. Then there�s Al Leiter and John Franco and Frank Sinatra and Eminem�

That said, I think all three GMs respect the Wilpons, and had reasonably positive relationships, especially with Fred - who�s not in the office with them}


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

FIGURES, METS GET THE LEAD AND HERE COMES THE RAIN So because this game was halted by rain without the 7th inning being completed, if it gets rained out it becomes a suspended game with the Mets leading 4-3 . Tom Glavine gave up 3 runs and was ready to come out of the game with Aaron Heilman ready to pitch the 7th (still raining Gary Cohen said the weather radar indicated heavy rain on th eway to St. Lou so this game if suspended would be played tomorrow night before the regular game at 8 PM). Welcome back to the hitters club Gliff Floyd with a double and a single. Same for Jose Reyes who banged out a 2 run HR. You worry that Reys may get fly ball happy after that, why not bring back Ricky Henderson to work with Reyes and teach him how to hit the ball on the ground and lay down a drag bunt? <

Monday, May 15, 2006

TIME TO VISIT THE ARCHIVES I thought it might be appropriate on the night when The Zambrano Project went under the knife and Bart Fortunato soon to follow with Tommy John surgery to reprint my post on the day after both these tomatoes were acquired for Scott Kazmir. That and the fact that there's not much going on in Metsville until tomorrows visit to LaRussa Land: <

Sunday, May 14, 2006

OH THOSE RUNNERS LEFT ON BASE While we sing woe is me over the 4th and 5th spot in the pitching rotation, the Mets offense is leaving runner in scoring position by the boat load. This inability to get a clutch hit by anyone not named Delgado, it's putting a very big strain on the bullpen as the relievers have no cushion for error when they get in a game. Today the Mets batters went 3 for 16 with runners in scoring position in another loss and another losing series. Oh by the way the Phillies are but a game out of first with their win today. It's off to St. Louis and 3 games with Albert Pujols and friends. So now what does Willie do after Jose Valentin goes 4 for5 with 2 doubles filling in for the slumping Cliff Floyd? Do you saty with the hot hand? Do you put Cliffy back in the line up? Do you start a platoon? Another strong start by Petey. 7 IP 4 H 4 R and the big number 2 walks and 10 K's and another no decision . Maybe the Pelfrey call up talk will be put on the back burner after his start today. The B-Mets lost to the Altoona Curve 3-1. Pelfrey went 5 innings and gave up 3 runs on 7 hits. He also walked 4 batters and K'd 3. So after bouncing back in his last start, Pelfrey continued to show some inconsistency in his pitching. Time for Heilman to come back to the rotation. Speak of which this is from Mike Vacaro's column in today's NY Post: {I have to admit, my first reaction to the Mets' pitching predicament was to keep Aaron Heilman right where he is, because the bullpen was such a strength in the first six weeks. But a strong bullpen doesn't mean quite as much if the starting pitching can't get it the ball with a lead. It's time to make that move. } Hummm.... where did I here that one. (see yesterday's entry above) <


ANOTHER DAY OFF FOR EMPLOYEE #30 Cliff Floyd was not very happy to see his name off the lineup card for the second day in a row. Meanwhile future Hall of Famer Jose Valentin had a night to remember

also check out Adam Rubin's blog with his Mets minor league report. Evan Mclain is doing well and Lastings Milledge is in a slump. Wonder if he could find a "Slump Buster" there in Norfolk?


HI I'M TIM TSCHIDA AND MY PICK OF THE DAY IS THE MILWAUKEE BREWERS. That did cross my mind during the 8th inning of last night's games. That Tschida had a couple coins on tonight's game. Oh sure it can't happen right? The same way no baseball player would take medicine made for horse's to hit home runs and the all time Hit King would never bet on his own team. Look in the 4th inning Prince Fielder hits a ball that hits below the yellow line that signifies a HR. The first base ump, Ted Barrett runs down the line and calls the ball in play which was the correct call. But here comes Tschida running from his spot at home plate to overrule the call. There was no dispute from the Brewers but Tischida after an umpires conference decides it's a home run. It's funny how MLB umpires call conferences when ever they like it but if a manager comes out to dispute a call they hardly ever confer. And if they do they always stick by what their brother ump calls. Then we have the bottom of the 8th inning where the Mets are up by an 8-4 score. Dauner Sanchez is in to get 3 outs and set up Billy Wagner for a save. Sanchez promptly gives up the lead with a 3 run HR to Cory Koskie and then a solo homer to Damian Miller the next batter. So now the the game is tied at 8 in the bottom of the 8th and Brady Clark is up. Sanchez hits Clark in the back with a pitch so now the winning run is on 1st with one out and the pitcher spot up with a pinch hitter and then top of the order. With all this information in his head what does Tim Tschida do? He runs Sanchez out of the game. No warning, no conferring with Willie about hitting batters nothing just a big "Your Outta Here". Are you kidding me? Willie comes out and grabs Sanchez and Dookie and goes to Tschida and calmly questions his judgment. Then as Willie walks away he glares at Tschida and he gets the boot. Willie now goes into Billy Martin mode and I will say it was good to see the skipper give this dumbass Tschida a going over. I hope there was alot of saliva spraying from Willie's mouth as he gave Tschida a piece of his mind. <

Saturday, May 13, 2006

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN INTRODUCING DANA EVELAND WHO? Eveland will be going for the Brewskis tonight against Jerimi Gonzalez and the Mets. Eveland is a pitcher out of the David Wells mold both in his pitching style and his appearance. One of the concerns the Brewers organization has with Eveland is his conditioning which has been poor of late. Eveland is said to be 6'1" 240 lbs but has a tendencies to gain weight. He has a fastball that he can take something off on and a slider with bite. He does suffer from lack of stamina but as with all pitchers the Mets face for the first time he will most likely pitch a complete game shutout tonight. <

AND I'VE SEEN ENOUGH OF KAZMAT TOO As soon as Anderson Hernandez says he feels good then he should be back as the Mets regular 2nd baseman. I have seen enough of KazMat who can't in the clutch to save his life. How many times have we seen KazMat come up with men on base and spit the bit. Yes his defense has improved but he's no AHern. There is no way but for money reasons than KazMat gets to play over AHern. AHern is no picnic at the plate either but his play in the field gives him the edge over KazMat. <

I'VE SEEN ENOUGH LIMA TIME At first I wanted to see exactly if Jose Lima had anything left to really be able to compete as a big league pitcher. I didn't blame those who said "put Heilman in the rotation" but I wasn't ready to join that crowd. Well, after last night I'm in it's time to take Aaron Heilman out of the pen and into the rotation fan club as there is no way that the Mets can send out Lima to pitch another game. Just like his last start against the Braves, the Brewers figured out Lima Time's pitches on the second go round of their batting order. The hitters knew to lay off pitches off the plate and to work counts in their favor and sit on his batting practice fastball. The Geoff Jenkins at bat was the key. As Mex said during the telecast, Jenkins has an all or nothing swing he worked the count to 3-1 and Lima sent him a nice big cantaloupe right over the plate and BOOM! 3 run double. Hey the Mets gave this guy a shot but in the grand tradition of James Baldwin and Scott Erickson Lima Time is past his expiration date and should not be taking up a valuable spot on the 40 man roster any longer. With the team in a bad 4 losses in it's last 5 games skid and the unrealistic names being screamed out by talk radio zealots in trades, it now makes sense to take Aaron Heilman out of the pen and into the rotation. As much as I agree with Willie Randolph that the bull pen has been a great strength and moving Heilman would weaken it, if the Mets starters can't get out of the 5th inning what good is a reliever who pitches late in the game? Plus what did you get Jorge Julio for blow out protection? Let Julio take the 7th inning slot and let's get Heilman in the rotation as there is no way in hell I want to see Lima Time against the Highlanders next weekend. <

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

THEIR FANS MAY HATE US BUT PHILLIES MANAGEMENT LOVE$ METS FANS If you have a Mets ticket plan then you know about the frequent mailings from the Philadelphia Phillies urgung you to buy tickets whenever the Mets and Phillies play at The Citz. What's funny is there is no real rivalry between the Phightin' Phils and the Amazin's even though the cities are seperated by a few toll booths. In fact all the years I've been a Mets fan I've never even given the Phillies much tought. With all that the Philly media is trying hard to drum up a hatred to be shared by both teams. <

MIKE PELFRY: SUPER-STARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR The Daily News sent a reporter to cover the B-Mets-CT game last night to give Mets fans the lowdown on Mike Pelfry. Pelfry bounced back from his last start when he was banged around and it seems if he can show consistency with his break ball he will be up in the big leagues a lot sooner than any of us ever thought. Pelfry had great command of his fastball and change but in the big leagues those pitched get hit even when you throw the FB at 96-97 mph. So if he can get the slider over for strikes down in the zone he will be in Mets uniform by mid-June.


OUCH! THAT HURT Down 3-0 late in the game with the big bats of X and Delgado bringing the Mets back into this game, this had all the makings of one of those classic games that SNY would air as Mets Marathon on Christmas Day, but that went by the boards in the 9th when Aaron Heilman threw away Bobby Abreu's swinging bunt allowing David Dellucci to score the winning run. First off, Heilman has to let Dookie make that play. Dookie to his credit said after the game that it was his fault as he got in Heilman's way. Nice of Dookie to stick up for Heilman but Heilman has to let Dookie get to that ball. What makes this loss worse is that Heilman got two quick outs in the inning and at that point I was very confident the Mets were going to win this game as the pitchers spot was due up first in the top 10th and then Reyes, Dookie and Beltran I figured at least one run would come from those guys. Also lost in this game was the Petey's performance. He's still 5-0 but in 46 IP Petey has struck out 52 batters and walked only 14. The guy is everything you ever wanted in an ace pitcher and more. At some point either Cliff Floyd has to get a day or two off or X has to be moved to the 6 spot because Floyd can't buy a hit. Even though his strike out total is low (11K's) he's not hitting for any power, just 3 doubles and 3 HR in 105 AB's. X is hitting at .287/.336/.557 clip that is Cliff Floyd-ian production. Dear Doug Eddings, You suck! First you miss ball 4 on Matsui in the 8th inning you called a pitch that was closer to KazMat's eyes than his chest and inside and you call that a strike? Then you pompous piece of shit, you remove your mask and make a fool of yourself by tossing Julio Franco for saying it was a bad call. Franco never confronted you and no one would have known he said anything until you made yourself part of the show by removing your mask. Doug no need to do that as we know you very well because of your fucked up call in the World Series. I hope you and Angel Hernandez enjoy your big plate of Johnny Cakes. Sincerely TEKPS <

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

BELL OF THE BALL Matt Cerone is reporting that the Mets have called up The Bloggers Favorite pitcher (this one included) Heath Bell and have sent Bart Fortunato back to Norfolk. This is the move that should have been made Saturday but never the less better late than never. Bell is a big upgrade over Fortunato and hopefully Willie will give Bell the same patience and understanding afford to Jorge Julio. I am not in the Aaron Heilman to rotation movement as I think fans are getting to wound up here and not letting this 4 and 5 spot in the rotation work itself out. Remember we all hated Zambrano and Maine and Bannister on still on the DL and both do not have life threatening injuries. So figure you'll get to see Bozo Lima one more time and a cameo from Jeremi Gonzalez. Add to the equation that it looks like Omar desperately wants to bring up Mike Pelfry and all he needs is to see is two or three great starts from him to pull the trigger. The biggest problem with brining up Pelfry will be the media hype upon his arrival. If Pelfry played in KC or Tampa there would be no fanfare whatsoever and the kid could get himself acclimated to the big leagues but that won't happen in the media capital of the world. Sorry for the short posts but I am in the middle of a 4 games in 5 days run at Little League including 3 nights straight of games. Anyone who has ever coached Little League I hope can sympathize with me about finding pitchers for these games. The rules of Little League are for every 3 innings or less a pitcher goes he must have 1 full day of rest. Over 3 innings, 3 full days of rest. In total a kid can not pitch more than 6 innings in a week (Sunday-Saturday). In addition to that in the minor league division I coach in 12 year old players are prohibited from pitching. So of my thirteen player roster I have four 12 yr. olds. Of the remaining 9 players four a good enough to take the mound. Then add in that every player must get 1 AB an play 9 defensive outs in the field. So I have to switch 8 players during a game 4 starters come out, 4 resevers go in. So you can see why I don't think Willie and Omar have it so bad. In fact I'd switch places with either on in a heartbeat. <

Sunday, May 07, 2006

THE MAIN EVENT-PAT BURRELL VS. BILLY WAGNER No love lost between Bily Wagner and Pat "The Bat" Burrell a/k/a The Met Killer. Phillies just beat the Giants for their 8th straight win and are now 4 back of the Mets. Thankfully we have the big guns going starting Tuesday in South Philly. <

ATTENTION METS FANS, COME DOWN OFF THE LEDGE! Let me see if I have this right, it is Victor Zambrano who is out for the rest of the season not Pedro Martinez? Zambrano, the guy we all hate, the guy who is very inconsistent, the guy who is barely a league average pitcher, this Victor Zambrano is the guy causing usually level headed Mets fans to talk about trading for Barry Zito for Lastings Milledge or rushing up Mike Pelfry or crying that the season is on the brink of destruction? That Victor Zambrano? Com'on folks get a grip. Sure the Omar needs to go find a pitcher for the 4th or 5th slot in the rotation but please let's hope he looks at all his options and doesn't bring back a 2006 version of Kaz Ishii. The one thing going for this pitching staff right now is that Petey and Glavine are a great 1-2 punch as there is in baseball. What needs to be said is that Mr. "Maybe I should have thrown a no-hitter" Steve Trachsel has to step up his game. Brain Banister is about 10 days away from rejoining the rotation and Darren Oliver looks like he could be a hold the fort type of guy. Then there's John Maine whose finger injury is not life threatening, so what we have here now is a test of the Mets mettle. With three games against the white hot Phillies coming up and game against the Cardinals we will see what our team is made from. After taking the last 2 series in a row from the Braves I'm feeling pretty confident about this team. Now if you think Omar should be on the phone looking to wheel and deal there are a few names out there that could be had. But remember teams will price gouge like Omar was riding and SUV past the last gas station in town when it comes to a decent arm. One pitcher I looked at was LHP Mark Redman. Redman has not had much success since 2003 when he won 14 games for the World Champion Marlins but since then he's been passed around more than a hooker at Hunts Point, playing for the A's, Pirates and now the Royals. Redman is one of these touchy-feely pitchers who relievers more on finesse than power as he has a below average fast ball but makes up for it with a pretty goos curve and change of pace. But when he's on he hits corners and is effective. His talent is wasted in KC and at a salary of $4.5 mil for the 06 season he could be moved for a song. Oliver Perez has always intrigued me. He has a plus fastball and a descent curve but the big knock on him is his immaturity. If Omar could some how pry him away from the Bucs and hook him up with Petey and Glavine and even Julio Franco to help him grow up, it could be the move a la Donn Clendenon that puts the Mets over the top. Then we have the farm hands. I mentioned Bannister and Maine but how about Jeremi Gonzalez. He has a 1-2 record on a bad Norfolk club but his ERA is 3.03 and in 35.2 IP he has K'd 30 and walked just 9 batters. Looking for a darkhorse, how about Willie Collazo down in Binghamton? Here is a blurb from Mets Minors on Collazo from last night: { Willie Collazo dealt eight scoreless innings to start the game. He fanned six and gave up six hits, but didn�?t walk a batter. Vincent Cordova worked the ninth, and Robert Paulk in his second appearance since his promotion from St. Lucie snagged the win with a perfect tenth. With the win, Collazo improved to 3-1, 1.93 ERA. He�?s struck out 27 and walked just two in his 37.1 Binghamton innings. He allowed five runs in his one loss on April 18th, but has been nearly dominant otherwise and hasn�?t allowed more than two runs in any other appearance. } Collazo signed as a minor league free agent after kicking around the Braves and Angels organization. He also played in the WBC for Puerto Rico and is no kid at 27. Why not give him a shot over Lima Time? Speaking of Lima Time even though it was not an outing to be proud of, Lima was the victim of some bizarre play. When was the last time you saw two ejections one from each team, on the same play like we saw in the 2nd inning. Angel Hernandez is one suck ass umpire. But really is it worth the Mets while to let Lima Time go again or would Gonzalez or Collazo be a better option? Oh and Aaron Sele has been promoted to the Dodgers after a demotion to Triple A and Kevin Appier has put out feelers as well. So if you see a light on at Shea, that's Omar burning the midnight oil and the phone lines. <

Saturday, May 06, 2006

HELP WANTED STARTING PITCHER. MUST BE ABLE TO THROW FOR AT LEAST 6 INNINGS. NO PREFERENCE ON THROWING ARM, BUT LEFTHANDERS WILL BE GIVEN PRIORITY TREATMENT. IF INTERESTED PLEASE CALL 718 507-METS ASK FOR OMAR. My day of baseball began at 8:30am as I was at the Little League field getting ready for a 9:30 game this morning. After a thrilling 8-7 win, I grabbed my wife and kids and ran to our van and hightailed out to Shea for today's Mets-Braves game. My son was in the back seat and asked for the Daily News, he wanted to see who was pitching and as he turned to the list of probable pitchers, he said in has best Jerry Seinfeld voice "Zambrano"! and then threw the newspaper down in disgust. After an inning and third today over 48,000 people at Shea said the same thing. After getting though the 1st inning, The Zambrano project threw a pitch to Andruw Jones and ran off the mound like he saw Dick Cheney with a hunting rifle. Next thing you know Willie Randolph and the training staff are out to talk to him and he goes back to the mound only to throw one more pitch and yell "No Mas". Now after depleting the bullpen just about 13 hours earlier in a great 8-7 win, Zambrano has to leave the game and in comes Daren Oliver to take over. Oliver was fabulous today and he had a double as well but you cannot underestimate the job he did on the mound today. But one problem I have with Oliver is he was wearing a Stop Snitching t-Shirt under his uniform: {Darren Oliver, who relieved Mets starter Victor Zambrano after just four batters when Zambrano experienced discomfort in his right elbow. "I kind of knew that might happen," Oliver said of Zambrano's sudden exit. "I knew to be ready. We talked a couple of days ago. I didn't know how serious it was." } First off this Zambrano is a friggin' head case. It' s like he scared shit to say anything to Professor Rick or Willie when he is not physically right. Randolph said after the game that Zambrano never told him about any discomfort he's had in his elbow so you know Zambrano will now take a permanent spot in Willie's Dog House (where Kaz Matsui seems to be vacating) as he now but the Mets behind the 8 ball. Add in John Maine going on the DL''s....LIMA TIME! (AGGGGHHHH!) The great come from behind wins of the last two games have become less important. The question is now "Who's going to pitch"? With the heavy workload of this past week, Randolph gave Heilman, Sanchez and Wagner the day off as he used Feliciano, Underground Bradford, the newly brought up Bart Fortunanto, and JORGE JULIO:CLOSER! today. Even with that trio getting touched up when Julio got Renteria to hit a ground out to Reyes to end the game, Randolph came dashing out of the dugout and gave Julio a blast to the chest. It was as Randolph turned into Jesse Jackson and was telling Julio to scream out "I AM SOMEBODY". It was Randolph's vindication of the faith he has shown in Julio and it paid off today, even though 49,000 Mets fans went home not sure by what they just saw. I know most Mets fans fear Lima Time as I am but tell me you won't be glued to the TV tomorrow when he takes the mound? I 'll say it right now Lima will be sky high pumped tomorrow and will pitch a solid 6 innings. <

Thursday, May 04, 2006

BORN AGAIN GLAVINE Tom Glavine continues his "Resurrected Tour" with another classic start tonight at Shea. Watching Glavine pitch right now is like going to an art gallery and enjoying the interpretation of a fine art piece. You know how you'd place your hand on your ching and try to figure out what the artist is trying to say in his or her pieces? I find myself doing that with Glavine. "Hummm, 10 mph reduction in the change up from the fast ball but both pitches down and away, ......interesting". "Wellll.....after going outside with a breaking ball, Glavine now comes up in in with an 87 mph fastball to knock the batter off the plate.....yes, yes I am following his work". Titan Tommy has become and artist. Now that's the David Wright we all know and love, except for the fielding error oh and by the way here's a big middle finger for you Francessa with your "I told you he can't field" bullshit! When Wright wins a Gold Glove at third and I know he will, I'd like to smash it over Manhasset Mikes huge head. Say something funny Mike! Sorry for that detour. Wright looks to be out of his slump as his 4 for 5 night has him over .300 again. Xavier Nady is becoming our Paul O'Neil but without all the drama. X not only has hit a ton so far but his defense has been flawless, as has the whole outfield. I like how Willie has brought along Jorge Julio but I would love to see him in the deep end of the pool once in awhile. It's nice to come into a 6-0 game and get out of the inning but how about if Zamabrano or Maine gets in trouble say around the 4th inning this weekend, how about brining in Julio to get out a jam there and pitch an inning or 2 of meaningful baseball to get to the Heilman/Sanchez/Wagner troika? Say what you want about Willie Randolph and I have had lots of issues with him but the guy looks very confident and comfortable as Mets manager. Just watching his post game press conference which by the way could be longer, he looks like he can't wait to get questioned. He still doesn't give you much information but he gives off a "you have the balls to question me" attitude which I kinda like. Mike Pelfry was hit hard today against the Akron Aeros. Pelfry in 4 innings gave up 13 hits and 5 runs in a 7-5 B-Mets loss. The way Willie was hinting about John Maine maybe/not be getting the start on Sunday I was thinking that maybe Pelfry may have gotten the call but with this start today and his getting lit up I can see that's not happening. What will be interesting is to see how Pelfry rebounds in his next start since I bet it's been a while since he's had an ugly line like that. You do realize that the Braves are now 7 games back of the Mets and a nice three game sweep would send the Bravos to 10 games back of the Mets. Hey a guy can dream can't he? <

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

O-O O EE-O, DEL-GADO!!!!! Carlos Delgado writing in his diary after tonight's win: Dear Diary: Billy Wagner owes me big time. I saved his ass tonight after he blew another save. I don't know if I'll ask him for one of those goofy alpaca's he raises to make myself a nice sweater or have him drive me to the next anti-war rally. Some quick hits on tonight's game: I live about 20 miles from Shea Stadium as the crow fly's and there wasn't a drop of rain here. I couldn't believe how bad the weather conditions were. I was very surprised around the 6th inning the umpires didn't hold up the game as there were puddles in the infield. All I kept thinking was either Beltran or Reyes was going to blow out a hamstring and that Crew Chief Larry Poncino would be out of a job. You weren't holding your breath in the 6th when Reyes tripled? Willie Randolph said after the game that because of the bad conditions he took Petey out after 6 innings and only 77 pitches. Petey was classic tonight with a moving fastball and pin point command of his breaking ball. I'm lighting so many votive candles for Petey's good health my yard looks like an East New York murder site. How the hell does Adam Dowdy get to be a big league ump? I know this nitwit is a vacation fill in but if he's the best MLB has to bring up that's just sad. In the Mets 6th KazMat bunted and stumbled out of the box as the mud was up to his ankles and was called out at 1st even though the replay showed very clearly that 1st baseman Jose Hernandez' foot was off the bag. Endy Chavez should have had a 5 for 5 night but for official scorer Howie Carp's screw up. Chavez hit a ball to Jack Wilson at short that hit him in the nuts as it skidded off the wet grass. Wilson still had the presence of mind to make a throw to1st but it was too late to get Chavez. Instead of being like 99.9% of the official scorers in baseball and giving the hometown player the benefit of the doubt, Carp gave an error on the play and that sucks. Meanwhile Chavez made the play of the game with a sliding catch in the 11th inning. Wagner has now blown 3 saves in 10 chances this season which is some what Looper-esque, I won't kill him for this one as it looked as though the mound was a mess and the Mets did win the game so I guess all is forgiven but 3 blown saves in a month is not very good. Mets are now 18-9 5 games ahead of second place Philly. The Braves after losing tonight are 6 back. <

JERED WEAVER TO START SUNDAY FOR HALOS Interesting eh? Weaver was a 2004 1st round draft pick but did not sign with the Angels until May 2005. He has made 7 pitching appearences in A ball, 8 in AA, and 5 in AAA since last summer and this season. So there is a prescedent set here as the Mets seem to leaning toward Mike Pelfry joining the team some time this summer. If Pelfry has say 5 more outstanding starts in Bingampton, I could see Omar moving him up to Norfolk with an eye on Shea, or who knows maybe he skips Norfolk altogether and moves right to Shea.,1,4208469.story?coll=la-headlines-pe-sports&ctrack=1&cset=true <

HEY SPIKE, DO THE RIGHT THING AND STAY IN THE BRONX New York phony extrodiaire Spike Lee showed up at Shea last night and of course SNY, reporter of useless information Chris Cotter wasted good TV time interviewing this fraud who was a guest of Omar Minaya. Lee waxed poetic about sitting with Willie Randolph and how great the Mets are doing and yada, yada, yada. This is the same Spike Lee who during the 2000 World Series, was decked out in a Highlander hat and jersey.


MAINE'S MAY DAY I thought John Maine had a slight case of the yips last night and made one fatal mistake but on the whole he showed a little something and looked to be a pretty good fill in pitcher. In his 5 full innings of work, he allowed the lead off batter to reach base 4 times, 3 by lead off double. Now most pitchers who do that don't live to talk about it but Maine did for the most part pitched OK but his big downfall and the turning point in the game came in the top of the 3rd when he faced Alphonso Soriano. With Marlon Byrd on 2nd via another double, Dookie set up a target outside for Maine to get Sori to chase a pitch as he's prone to do. But Maine got the pitch middle of the plate in and Soriano launched it into the mezzanine in LF for a 2 run HR and gave the Nats a 3-1 lead and the way Mike O'Connor was pitching that's all the Nationals needed. With O'Connor on the mound it was a flashback to last year when teams would bring up minor league pitchers to face the Mets and they would turn into Sandy Koufax. O'Connor was solid last night changing speeds and showing exceptional command of his change up which he threw for strikes whenever he needed to. The Mets batters looked very confused with O'Connor's stuff and his delivery which reminded me a lot of Scott Kazmir. Hopefully Maine will go over what went wrong last night with Professor Rick and Dookie (by the way Dookie is starting to grow on me as after they returned to the dugout after the 3rd inning Dookie went right to Maine and looked as though he was letting him know what he did wrong in pitching to Soriano) and get himself ready for his next start on Sunday against the Braves. <

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I WILL NOW STICK A BROOM IN MY ARSE AND SWEEP THE FLOOR Besides doing this blog, I also have a full time job that pays the bills and I coach a Little League team and I have to find some time for Mrs. Kranepool Society (wink,wink) so yesterday I had to drop the blogging part of my day. What's tough this season with Little League I have an older team and alot of the weeknight games are at 7:45 PM under the lights. Last night was one of those nights and of course the game was played in a crisp 2 HR's (Thank God it's just 6 innings, oh by the way we lost 11-6 our late inning rally falling short) In fact by the time I got home the Mets-Nats game was over. I started to watch the highlights but I got involved in the Red Wings-Oilers game on OLN, but I digress, it was nice to see the good Zambrano Project show up at Shea. Hopefully he will hang around for the homestand as he is on schedule to pitch Saturday against the Braves, of course it's the game I have tickets for. I swear to God, the last couple of years the games I buy tickets for in advance either Trachsel or Zambrano pitches. But last night was definitly a game last year's Mets would have lost. Dookie's combacker would have been a double play and the Mets would have gone down in like 15 innings to the Nats. But this year the karma seems to have reveresd itself and not a season too soon. I'm getting ready to relax and watch John Maine make his Mets debut but first did anyone catch this little blurb in today's NY Post: {Minaya revealed yesterday that the team considered calling up top prospect Mike Pelfrey when Bannister got hurt. Pelfrey had just been promoted to Double-A last Tuesday. } WOW!!! Looks like it just a matter of time before Pelfry will be in the big leagues. If I can stay awake Ihope to be back on tonight with a John Maine review. <