The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

ZAMBRANO AND PROFESSOR RICK PERFECT TOGETHER Last nights game may have been the best thing to happen to Mets fans this young season. It proved how fragile this team is to injury due to lack of depth and that one more start by The Zambrano Project at Shea Stadium could start the demolition of the old ball park a lot earlier than the Skill Sets imagined. Reading The Klapper's piece in the Bergen Record today it seems Professor Rick is a bit defensive about his 10 minute project, a remark that may haunt Peterson for the rest of his life, by saying that Mets fans have no patientis: {Peterson listed a number of reasons Zambrano was so awful against the Braves, including a shortened spring because of his participation in the World Baseball Classic, a subsequent bout of the flu and an industry-wide trend of starters in trouble. His sharpest criticism, however, was directed at the Met fans who booed Zambrano all night. Peterson said, "That's why they call it a New York minute. I think they've got about a minutes worth of patience for anything."} We have no patience because you told us that you could fix whatever problems Zambrano has in 10 minutes and that was a season and a half ago Rick. You have hooked this guy up to electrodes and imaging devices and studied his arm angles and release points and all his mechanics but the test you didn't have the ASIM run on him was an EKG to see if he had a heart. I don't need "data" to tell me that Zambrano has no clue of what he's doing on the mound, just my two eyes is all. Klapper thinks Randolph needs to make a move here and insert Aaron Heilman back into the rotation. Not a bad idea but the Mets seem to have this problem admitting that there is a problem. Three fifths of the starting rotation makes you hold your breath when they pitch and the other two-thirds if they go down we're sunk. But you ask Willie if he's concerned he gives you the same put you to sleep answer that he has confidence in his players. This is why not just fans but even announcers say Willie just downplays everything. < |