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Friday, April 07, 2006

YOU BOO WHO? A lot has been made of the treatment given to Carlos Beltran by the customers at Shea. I don't understand the booing of Beltran myself. The biggest problem that Beltran has is he is being utilized wrong in the line up. I know that, you know that, the vast majority of Mets fans know that but the manager doesn't know that and that's the problem. It's way to early to get bent out of shape here and from watching this first three game series with the Nats this team has shown it has some grit. But the subject of the booing of Beltran has come up so I'd figure I'd throw my two cents in on the subject. When I watched Beltran in the WBC the guy was happy and confident. Last night after hitting a home run I saw a guy that gave me flashback to Richie Hebner's days as a Met. I've never seen a guy look so miserable after hitting a homer and it took the old head of Grand Papi Franco to snap him out of it. The problem with the booing of Beltran is it's misguided. You want to boo someone boo Hard Headed Willie. Ask any Mets fan their opinion on Beltran most everyone feel she should be batting 2nd or even 6th in the lineup but for some reason Willie Randolph doesn't see it. Forget the stats that show Beltran thrives in the 2 hole, if we've learned anything from the year and week he's been a Met, Beltran has a 2-hitters mentality. He loves to move runners over and he loves working the count and he is very much into situational hitting. That's a classic 2 hitter. The problem the Mets face is that Paul Lo Duca fits the same bill. For me given the choice of Beltran or LoDuca in that spot, I vote Beltran. What makes all this worse is the best hitter on the team, David Wright, is being wasted in the 5 hole and even Cliff Floyd's posse asks him what's up with him in the 6 spot? Reyes Beltran Wright Delgado Floyd Nady LoDuca Hernandez Or Reyes LoDuca Wright Delgado Floyd Beltran Nady Hernandez If Willie would go with either one of those lineups for about 2 weeks, it would give guys like me less to bitch and moan about. One more thing on this subject. It was great of Grand Papi Franco to do what he did last night but the guy who needs to sit with Beltran and let him know how it works is Randolph. During his time as a Highlander in what is known as "The Bronx Zoo" era Randolph always stood above the fray as the coolest cat in the clubhouse. Willie loves to play on being born and raised in NYC and playing here so you would think he would call Carlito in for a little heart to heart to let him know that you need a to be a little more tougher. Last night Beltran showed weakness as soon as you show weakness in this town your cooked. Willie needs to let Beltran know that better players than him were booed in this town. No one was more maligned in NY than Patrick Ewing and he just about single handedly brought the Knicks back from the dead (where they reside now with no Patrick Ewing savior in sight). Phil Simms took his lumps here as well and now is revered as a legend. Mike Piazza was serenaded with cat calls as well. So was Mickey Mantle, and Joltin Joe D. Is it justified for fans to boo Beltran? No. But what Beltran has to remember, he had a choice and he made it Mets due to the money. He could have made a very nice living in Houston on about half the dough the Mets are giving him. He acted too late when he gave the Highlanders a big discount if the would pay for his services. So when Omar and the Skill Sets offered the most money and he took it. He should have thought about the bullshit that comes with that price tag. < |