The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, April 30, 2006

WILL 2006 BE THE SUMMER OF LOVE? I have to say after watching last night's game I'm starting to become smitten with affection for these Mets. After watching Tom Glavine pitch anothe gem last night, I have to say I'm busting with a bit of selfish pride that I went on Mets Weekly right before spring training and said he would be a Cy Young candiate for 2006. If you watched the game last night on Ch. 11 you know that Keith Hernandez (our Don Cherry) was also beside himself with watching this team. Mex was very animated in the post game recap with Gary Cohen on how he just loved the way the club is playing crisp baseball in all facets of the game. The biggest suprise to me is the play of KazMat not with the bat but in the field. He is hanging in at 2nd base with a runner boring down on him something we haven't seen from him in the 2+ years he's been here. His bat has been solid as well except for the extra base hits but it looks lke they will come. Last night after David Wright got handcuffed with a ball in the 9th by Larry Jones, that became the "OH SHIT" moment of the evening. I forgot that Barden Looper doesn't work here anymore and that we have The Gunslinger, Billy Wagner instead. As we saw last week when Wright went to appolgize to Wagner for an error he made, Wagner being the leader he is told Wright to never appolgize to him again. So this time Wagner just grabed the ball and got Andruw Jones to hit in to a DP and then banged out Frenchy Francour to end the game. AAAAhh the Summer of Love! < |