The Eddie Kranepool Society

Thursday, April 20, 2006

WHY METS FANS TEND TO SHOUT I can't speak for all Mets fans so I'll tell you why this Mets fans tends to shout, even with a quick start by the team. Now shouting about the team and booing the team are two different things altogether. Booing is just proclaiming ones displeasure but offers no solution. Shouting is venting about the problem but you also give your idea to fix it. My first shout is about the last series with the Braves. What has me pissed about losing 2 of 3 to the Braves in what should have been a statement series is the big difference between the two organizations. I hate when a team uses injuries as an excuse for losing. Sure if you lose a main player for a season or even for a couple of months that will have a major affect on your team but the strength of an organization is their ability to make adjustments when minor injuries come up, and over 162 games that will happen. The Braves came into this series without Larry Jones and Edgar Rentiera. The Mets did not have Cliff Floyd, Carlos Beltran and Anderson Hernandez. The Braves didn't panic. They dip down to the farm system and brought up Matt Diaz and Tony Pena Jr., both players made big contributions to the Braves 2-1 win yesterday. The Mets countered their losses with Jose Valentin, Endy Chavez and Kaz Matsui. Of the three the one who makes the most contribution is Chavez with his stellar. Offensively he hasn't a clue at the plate. Valentin is ineffective and Matsui is here instead of Jeff Keppinger because he is making $8 mil this year. My point is the Braves would never let themselves get in this kind of predicament. If for argument sake, Carlos Beltran was put on the DL, if you were the GM of the Mets who would you bring up? Me? I'd bring up Lastings Milledge over Vic Diaz. Now in any other city this kind of move would be met with "OK let's see what the kid has" Here in NYC the print media and the sports talk radio screamers would be all over Omar Minaya for this move. You would here, "There going to ruin this kid", "What if he fails", What if he plays well, then what will the Mets do", "This will cause problems if Floyd has to sit" and on and on and on. To this I say, the Braves make this kind of move all the time. Jeff Francour, Adam LaRoche, RHP Joey Devine, and the dearly departed Andy Marte to name four who have been called up when the big league team was in trouble and lived to tell about it. What would be the crime in brining Milledge up if Beltran or Floyd were to be incapacitated for a fort night or more? Just let him know he's here until either player is ready to go. Be up front with him; tell him doesn't matter if you go 0-30 or 30-30, you're the best we have and that we need someone to fill in until the other guys get back and when they get back, you will resume your education at Norfolk Tide University. You can't manage scared. Two teams I despised more than most (besides the Highlanders) are the Braves and the New Jersey Devils. But both are run by two of the best administrators in pro sports in John Shurholtz and Lou Lamarillo (Lamarillo is the best front office man in sports period.) and they are the best because they're smart, have good people under them and they are bold. All of that ads up to prolonged success. As a Mets fan that's what I want to see on Omar and Randolph. When The Zambrano Project has one of his many uncomfortable outings, don't bullshit the fans as Willie is prone to do. Just say he had a bad outing and quite frankly he can not afford too many more of them. Same with Omar and guys like Valentin and Matsui. Minaya can spin this all he wants but there is no logical reason that Vic Diaz is toiling in AAA while Valentin gets to draw a major league paycheck. Why make your bench weaker with Valentin over Diaz? Because Valentin is versatile? Chris Woodward is much more valuable than Valentin and can play all positions except catcher and pitcher. So why keep Valentin? Don't let the Braves fool you either about this past series. They were tired of hearing about the Mets renaissance as Tim Hudson let's know: {"All I know is when we cam in here all we heard was the Mets were the best team in baseball and their offense was unstoppable and, while all that was true, this is a long season and we'll see where the dust settles in September," said Hudson. "It was kinda fun. To hear that commentary it was as if we should pack are bags and head back to Atlanta. But I understand. We did start off like (crud)"} And so the race is on! < |