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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

WAY TO GO TRAX, NOW SIT DOWN! Steve Trachsel pitched a nice and tidy 6 innings last night and only threw 73 pitches but the way it looks he will be the odd man out as the rotation turns over with the off day tomorrow. from all indecations, Willie will go with The Zambrano Project over Trax this Sunday. Willie is quickly becoming baseball's version of Donald Rumsfeld. Here's what I don't get. It seems as if Professor Rick feels he has done all he can with the mechanical end of Zambrano's game and what VZA really needs is a shrink: {"His ability to concentrate and focus needs to be higher," Peterson said. "He needs to understand that every hitter is a separate game and that we ask him to pitch 18 separate games, or hopefully 21, every night. People forget that for six or seven weeks last year, Victor was the best pitcher on a staff that had everyone pitching well. He had that kind of focus then, and he has to have that kind of focus now to be successful." } Another thing that has me scratching my head is Willie states that part of Zambrano's trouble stems from suffering from the flu that left him weak and dehydrated, and he has not regain all of his stamina. OK, then if that's the case wouldn't make sense to skip his spot in the rotation this turn to help him get stronger? This type of double talk is why Mets fans raise doubts about Willie Randolph. It will be very interesting to see if Willie and Professor Rick agree on letting Zambrano go Sunday against the Braves in a series that is very important after the last meeting at Shea. Why in the world would you skip Trax to let Zambrano pitch? It seems Willie has a defiant way about him when it comes to public opinion, as he goes against what fans and the press think and in some ways that's an admirable trait but if you use that just to act like "I'll show them" attitude then it's a hindrance. < |