The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

W O W THAT WAS CLOSE If the Mets had lost this one it would have fell at the feet of the golden boy Daivd Wright and his throwing error in the 9th inning. He gets that ball to Delgado it's 3 outs and Bonds keeps his broken down steroid ass on the bench. The big story here though is Brian Bannister blowing out a hamstring running the bases. He pulled up lame after scoring on a KazMat double in the 5th inning. There is no news yet on Bannister's condition but he had to help to the dugout and it does not look good. The question now is who do the Mets bring up to replace Bannister? Lima Time could be the one who gets the call as he has ML experience. Lima is 2-2 with a 6.00 ERA at Norfolk but he has 19K and 1 BB in 21IP. Jerimi Gonzalez also has pitched in the bigs and is 1-2 with a 3.52 ERA at Norfolk. In 23 IP he has K'd 16 and allowed 5 BB. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Yusaku Iriki? He was designated for assignment on April 17th and removed from the 40 man roster to allow Pedro Feliciano to move to the Mets pen. I don't know if he has been claimed or if he cleared waviers and went back to Norfolk. Another interesting candidate would be Daren Oliver. He has pitched very well so far in relief and has started before. If you use Oliver you lose a lefty in the pen but you would also gain Heath Bell getting a call up. and that's a good thing. Say this for this Mets team they never hang their heads and hide. a couple of years ago a 9th inning like today's would have resulted not only in a loss but it would have put the Mets in a tail spin. Not so with this bunch. Adversity doesn't faze them. Give credit to vets like Franco, Floyd, Delgado and Petey and also a big hunk of credit to Willie for the attitude. This is what frustrates me with Randolph. I can see his leadership is top notch but his game management and stubbornness drives me crazy. Memo to Chris Russo: Kiss my blue and orange ass! You made a stupid statement on Tuesday on how you couldn't wait to watch the game Tuesday night so the Giants bullpen could "sweep out the garbage" and get another win. Well the only garbage is what comes from you shouting out callers with more knowledge than you thinking that if yell louder you'll look smarter. It doesn't work that way. Your Giant team is good but the bullpen sucks. Oh by the way, the next time one of your kids has a birthday party why don't you call Brian Sabean or Peter McGowan and see if the Giants will send over their mascot for you kids party, instead of begging Jay Horowitz to send Mr. Met to your mansion in CT. Better yet have your guy the Pharmaceutical Freak give out "The Clear and The Cream" goodie bags to all your kids friends. On to HELL (a/k/a Turner Field) and guess whose back? Larry Jones. can't wait for this series. < |