The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, April 17, 2006

UNCHARTED TERRITORY Early in the winter I said the Mets had to get out to a fast start instead of the stumbling and bumbling of the last few years. I even thought Willie Randolph's seat would get mighty warm if they didn't. Well, it looks like Willie is pretty safe as the Mets beat the Braves tonight 4-3 to go 10-2 overall and become the first team in major league history to have a 5 game lead after 12 games. I think this qualifies as a fast start. I watched some of the game at the Little League clubhouse and you had to see the disgusted looks on the Highlander fans in attendance. This is there worst nightmare. Not only are the Mets hotter than Coney Island sand in mid summer but after a winter of negativity with the Knicks and the very few of us who care about the Rangers, the NY papers needed a story. A story that will help sell some papers during the summer and looks like they have one in the Mets. There will be some very tough competion for the coveted back page of the tabloids. Screw you Bronx Robber Baron. Chris Russo' so mentally challenged he should have a telethon named after him. Today him and Manhasset Slim were down playing the Mets accomplishments so far this year. Russo then went on to say that Billy Wagner is not in the top echelon of relief pitchers. He named Mariano, Lidge and Joe Nathan, and Trevor Hoffman as relievers who are superior to Wagner. This is why he and Manhasset Slim have no credibility. That's saying something so totally outlandish just out of jealousy. How in the world could you say that Joe Nathan and even Trevor Hoffman right now are better than Billy Wagner. Rivera OK Lidge maybe but that's about it. Petey was terrific tonight and congraulations on win number 200. Petey is now a head spinning 200-84. Xavier Nady is making Omar Minaya look like Branch Rickey. Meanwhile Mike Cameron is still out on the DL with a pulled muscle in his rib cage. Looks like Endy Chavez is the outfield version of AHern. Chavez looks lost at home plate but he's smooth as silk in the outfield. The outfield will be in a state of flux as Carlos Beltran is nursing a tweaked hammy and tonight Cilff Floyd came out of the game with a strained rib cage. You wonder if Omar would put Floyd on the DL just to activate KazMat who's looks ready for a return. At this time there is no report on Floyd's rib cage but we know last year may have been a fluke that Cliffy stayed healthy. This will mean a regular shot for Vic Diaz in LF. don't even think about Lastings Milledge coming up here, it won't happen. The best news of the night is that Duaner Sanchez needed only 16 pitches (11 for strikes) in an inning and a third work. So he will be available tomorrow as will Aaron Heilman and Wagner. Plus Darren Oliver, Chad Bradford and (GULP!) Jorge Julio are rested. You need to know you have reinforcements when The Zambrano Project is going. It's nice to chant M-V-P for David Wright but really the M-V-P so far has been Carlos Delgado. Attendence tonight was 36,867 of which 13,000 were walk ups. Sure it should have been over 40,000 but it's Easter vacation week and there is this new phenomena of people going away on vacation trips during this time so maybe that explains the less than 40K at the park. That and the Monday after Easter is tough if you had to entertain on Sunday and go to work on Monday which is my excuse. < |