The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, April 10, 2006

THE THIEVES OF QUEENS Back in the mid 70's when Highlander Stadium was being renovated there was more graft coming out of the project that the New York Mob became as rich as Saudi princes. It seems the crooks who masquerade as local politicans in Flushing and Corona are looking for their payday from the Mets with the new ballpark. These thieving bastards are trying to shake the Mets down for free tickets, construction jobs, rec centers for neighborhood kids all the the things these gold bricks are supposed to be doing for their constituance but never get off their fat ass' to do. At least one Queens Pol has a conscience: {At least one Queens Council member thinks the lawmakers are asking for too much. Yesterday, according to a source, Councilman Peter Vallone (D-Queens) sent the delegation an e-mail criticizing the delegations proposal. "The Mets have been good neighbors, and the request was excessive. Why not ask them to pencil me in as shortstop while we're at it?" Vallone wrote, according to the source. } Vallone gets it as he knows that a new ballpark in Queens would be a major improvement to the Flushing neighborhood. Mayor Money Bags also has told the Thieves of Queens to shut up and get out of the way: {Last week, Mayor Bloomberg blasted the demands being made of the Mets. "Every development project in this city is not just going to be a horn of plenty for everybody else that wants to grab something," he said. "I don't think anybody should think from now on anytime any development comes here, it's just, line up and demand to get some ransom." } In other words no one from the Queens city council delegation should be dreaming of lining their pockets with "Mets Money" If I were the Skill Sets, I'd be on the horn with Christine Quinn the President of the City Council and Mayor Moneybags and tell them to get these extortionist in line or the next call he makes is to Charles Wang out in Uniondale to bury the hatchet and build the Mets park in Nassau County. < |