The Eddie Kranepool Society

Saturday, April 08, 2006

THANK YOU RIDING WITH NYC TRANSIT I hope Jason Vargas had an unlimited Metrocard with him yesterday as he toured the NYC Subway system: {When starting pitcher Jason Vargas left the Marlins' team hotel Friday for Shea Stadium, he got on a train and went in the wrong direction, ended up in Brooklyn and frantically doubled his way back to Manhattan before catching the right train. Vargas arrived about one hour after the team bus. Realizing he was in Brooklyn, Vargas re-boarded and exited in lower Manhattan. He briefly looked for a cab before approaching a police officer who directed him to the 7 train. "It's probably better I didn't (catch a cab),'' he said. "I might not have gotten here.''} Wouldn't have been great if Vargas wound up in Coney Island thinking Keyspan Park was Shea? < |