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Saturday, April 15, 2006

TESTING TESTING 1,2 1,2 IS THIS THING ON? Gary Cohen and Ron Darling got caught with open mic disease last Thursday during Willie Randolph' post game comments. Randolph was talking about The Zambrano Project's outing when: {Meanwhile, Randolph was still talking to Cotter about Zambrano. "... The first time out you can't expect him to be on top of his game." After that remark, viewers heard Cohen saying: "You can never expect him (Zambrano) to be on top of his game because he never is."} Maybe the booing of Carlos Beltran was so noticable was because it could have been coming from the press box? And if I were Gary Cohen, I'd make sure I'm on time for the team charter as I would bet that Willie won't be holding up the flight for him: {Suddenly, in a very low tone, viewers heard the voice of Cohen, the play-by-play man, saying: "He (Randolph) just downplays everything." Not only was Cohen's microphone open, his partner, Darling, was talking into an open stick, too. He answered by asking Cohen: "What do you expect him (Randolph) to do?"} YIKES! Open Mic insert foot. I have a suggestion for SNY. Why not get the bloggers together again to watch a game on TV and we can do a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 version of a Mets game. I smell and Emmy. < |