The Eddie Kranepool Society

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ring! ring! it's 7:00 a.m.! Move ya'self to go again Cold water in the face Brings you back to this awful place Leave it to The Zambrano Project to kill the buzz of the Mets great start. The worst part of Zambrano's sucky performance was all 7 runs that he gave up were when there were two outs in the inning. So I have come to the conclution that Zambrano's problems are not physical but that he is mentally weak. He's no Brain Bannister when it comes to onions. With no Larry Jones in the line up the guy you have to key on is Andruw Jones. Jones has a tough time with Zambrano as Zambrano's breaking ball gives him fits. So instead of going with a steady diet of breaking pitches against Jones, Zambrano tries to put a fastball by him, which is like trying to get pie a la mode past Mike Francessa. Not once but twice Zambrano tried this (it would interesting to know if Dookie called for the fastball but SNY has a fishing show they want to get on so no time for in depth interviews on the post game show) and got burned for home runs. Memo to Professor Rick: 10minutes are up! The best part of watching the game was listening to Mex, Darling and Gary Cohen talking in code that they think Zambrano sucks but can't come right out and say it. We're with you fellows. Then to add to the "hold those parade plans" evening was that poor excuse for a major league outfield. Jose Valentin does not belong in the major leagues. He's done. You don't even need a fork as his flesh just falls off the bone he's so done. Endy Chavez can play a great centerfield but he has no clue at all of what he's doing at the plate. How would you like to be Vic Diaz? You get sent down to Norfolk to get some at bats and then you look at the box score of tonight's Mets game and see Valentin and Chavez in the lineup. I can't kill Omar for sending down Diaz and bringing up Pedro Feliciano as we saw that Zambrano had nothing and I think the front office is a bit worried about Brian Bannister not being able to walk that tight rope every start. Then add in the Unpredictable Jorge Julio (who I think is a distant cousin the ledgendary wrestler the Unpredictable Johnnyny Roz) and 7 relievers makes sense. Omar also has to do something with this bench. With Valentin, Chavez and the pitcher that's 3 automatic outs which is 3 innings down the drain. That's unacceptable. I guess I but the Kranepool Society Curse on Carlos Delgado as I called him the MVP of the team so far, he had 3K's and a pop out tonight. The one bright spot was Feliciano and Julio combining on 4 stella relifef innings which saves the big bullpen guns for tomorrows Titan Tom Glavine start. I've heard this new song the Mets foisted on the fans last night and all I can say is IT BLOWS!!!! If you feel the same way, then sign this petition (big shout out to Nik for the linkage) to tell the Mets to take this song and throw into Flushing Bay. < |