The Eddie Kranepool Society

Saturday, April 08, 2006

QUICK HITS ON THE 9-3 WIN Steve Trachsel put on a pitching clinic last night. It just goes to show you that radar gun readings a meaningless. Trax threw three kind of pitches last night slow, slower and slowest and proved that the art of pitching is deception. It was the perfect plan laid out by Trax, Dookie and Professor Rick against a young fastball hitting Marlin team. Kudos to Willie for brining Jorge Julio into the game last night. The guy needs work and this was the perfect spot for him but with Julio being Julio he couldn't seize the moment. Willie can make all the proclamations he wants in public on how he has confidence in Julio but you know a sit down with Omar Minaya is coming up soon to move this guy. Lost in the offensive exploits of Xavier Nady is his stellar defense in RF. The guy has great instincts in getting to fly balls and posses a suprising strong arm. It's going to be tough for Vic Diaz to get some playing time. If it takes a standing ovation for every at bat to get Carlos Beltran to hit, then so be it. Good to see Ralph Kiner on SNY but the host of the pre and post game show Matt Yallof was stumbling and bumbling talking to Ralphie. He asks Ralph "What has changed in baseball since you were a player" Are you kidding? Do you have about 4 hours for Ralph to answer that? Gee lets see intergration, expansion, dome stadiums, the Designated Hitter, tons of night games, unbelievable contracts, juiced baseballs, juiced players. Ah I guess not too much. The post game show has to get better on SNY. I want more Willie Randolph. I want the star of the game even if it is the opposition. I want full highlights and analysit from Ron Darling. I want the show to be at lest 45 minutes. Then you can't go to your sports news wrap up show and lead with the Knicks. THE KNICKS!!!!! NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE KNICKS!!!!!!!!! and if they did they'd be watching MSG. Today is my mothers 93 birthday so we're having a party for her in Bay Ridge. About 75 people which is just family (we are Irish-Catholics you know) Mom said she wanted the party in the afternoon at a place with a TV so her "boys" (her boys are 68, 67, and 47-me) can watch the Mets game. My Mom is the greatest. < |