The Eddie Kranepool Society

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

PANIC IN NEEDLE PARK Yesterday, the folks at Mets Weekly were kind enough to ask me to tape a segment for them for next weeks show. One of the topics was 'how should the Mets deal with Barry Bonds"? My rant was "go right after him. Challenge him as he is not the pharmaceutical freak of old". "Show no fear". So of course Willie Randolph went in the complete opposite direction. Why are you walking this guy? Especially in the 1st inning. Even though Tom Glavine fell behind 3-0, you can't give him a free pass in the 1st inning. So what if he hits a homer, it would be 2-0 but to walk him and then give up a bomb to Moises Alou for 3-0 Giants lead as far as I was concerned the game was over right there. Willie waved the white flag as far as I was concerned. Then Willie takes out Glavine in the 7th to bring in Aaron Heilman to give Bonds an intentional walk. If you know your going to walk Bonds and bring in Heilman to pitch to Alou why not let Glavine throw the 4 balls since he's coming out anyway? Why make Heilman come in warm from the pen to throw the pitched out of the strike zone and then ask him to bear down and get crucial outs? Bad game management if you ask me. < |