The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, April 03, 2006

OBSERVATION FROM OPENING DAY AT SHEA The day started out a little shaky as the 7 train we were on was stuck for about a half an hour just outside the Hunters Point station. At first the clueless conductor said the emergency brake was pulled but that didn't seem the case. Whatever it was we were never told but the train did get going and lucky for us went express (NYC TRANIST-what would expect froma bunch of geniuses who turned down a very lucrative contract) Just as we got to Shea it started to rain. But my son and I continued with our little tradition of walking around the perimeter of the stadium before going in. We picked up our scorecard, yearbook and took a spin on the Delta Airlines Wheel of Fortune and came away with a coozy and a toy plane. I haven't had a drink in 10 years (by choice) so I'm not up on beer as I used to (on a trip to Toronto when my wife and I were first married, I had the trunk of our car packed with Molson Canadian and Golden. When the trooper at the boarder asked if I had anything to declare we told him we were just married and enjoying our honeymoon. He tipped his hat and let us go without a search, ah those were the days) so what is up with those Budweiser bottles made out of aluminum? Everyone around us said the cans were so cold it made their hands freeze. I put my bottle coozy up for bid. There has to be a better stratigic place to put those sausage and peppers carts in the coridors of Shea. The bathrooms are in mid season form with some type of unidentified liquid all over the floors. I hope they bring that great Shea ambiance to the new place. If your going to do fireworks either do them right or don't do them at all. Those bottle rockets the Mets set off before the game were pathetic. The kiss cam was a bust today as one couple were brother and sister and in no mood for an insectual lip lock. Then a couple of old timers had no clue they were on camera. Another couple seemed to be "just firends". If Mrs. Kranepool Society were there we'd put on a good show. My favorite WTF? moment was and add on the Diamond Vision board for a Cuban Sandwhich stand at Shea that uses Jose Reyes teaching us Spanish. I've sat through much worse weather on opening day than today's. It started to rain during the player introductions but then stopped by first pitch and didn't rain the rest of the game. It was chilly but not the extreme cold as most opening days as the wind didn't kick up until the 9th inning. Last year the batters eye would not go back to black. This year there was a car on fire during the second inning just past the left field fence. First game of the year and the crowd screamed M-V-P for David Wright and in the 9th when he made a tough play on a ground ball and throw to first. I even heard someone call him The Franchise. As much as I love Tom Seaver I can't argue with that tag. The kid is the face of the franchise. The only other player close to Wright in fan love is Petey and eats it up. Paul Lo Duca was serenaded with DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK. So I now christen him Dookie. Anyone still not like the Cameron for Nady deal? Carlos Beltran better get off the fast start as I don't think the paying customers will have much patience with him this season. I sat in the Upper Deck Reserve in Section 2 right over home plate and I thought Glavine was getting squeezed by home plate ump Rick Reed and Reed I thought was very inconsistent toward both teams pitchers. I didn't see the replay but a lot of people feel the Mets got a gift with the Floyd to Reyes to Dookie throw out of Soriano on Ryan Zimmerman's double. even Dookie thought the Mets got a break. Good for us. Aaron Heilman was shaky today but it was bend and not break shaky. Just knowing Billy Wagner and not Braden Looper was coming out of the pen for the 9th inning had the crowd hystiecal. Every one stood for the entire top of the 9th inning. The people in stands are looking for big things from this club. Coming out of the game I ran into the great guys at Mets Weekly. The called me and my son over and got us on camera and interviewed us. I just want to thank them for that. It not only made my day but my sons as well. Then I get home and find out SNY and DirecTV have formed a union. What better way to end a great day. < |