The Eddie Kranepool Society

Friday, April 21, 2006

JULIO FRANCO ES MUY MACHO Franco hitting that home run last night is very embarassing to me as me and Julio are the same age and I can barely get through a round of infield with my Little Leaguer's. Watching Mike Piazza going against the Mets last night was very awkward. Kind of like being in a long term realtionship with a woman that ended because it hit a dead end. Then after awhile you meet up at a function with mutal firends and it just feels weird to each other. What do you say the person you shared some great times and also some rough patches? Even Piazza said he felt nervous last night and the scene of him talking to David Wright that was shown on SNY was stunning. The old guard meeting the new "it" boy. Piazza gave a classy response when asked what hat he wanted to wear when he's inducted into the Hall of Fame saying if it's up to him he wants to go in as a Met. It takes alot to knock me off my couch, but when KazMat hit that inside the park homer, that was one those times. Lost in the KazMat and Franco HR's was the great work by Trax and the bullpen. Willie keeps trying to get Jorge Julio in goos spots to gain some confidence but at some point he has to take the training wheels off and se if he can handle hangin' with the big boys. Still no word on Carlos Beltran ans the MRI he took today. I'm sure the Mets medical staff and Omar and Willie have the results and just trying to see how to handle the situation. FYI: Lastings Milledge is hitting at a .400/.530/.620 clip in 50 AB's at Norfolk. < |