The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

IT'S ONLY GAME 2 AND MY STOMACH IS ROILING Brian Bannister was rolling along pitching a no-no through 5 when the wheels fell off in the 6th. As Gary Cohen said he just lost command of the strike zone. Then he fell behind 3-1 on Nick Johnson and boooom a three run bomb. OH SHIT! Guilen just went yard against Jorge Julio 5-4 Nats. Nats were down 4-0 and have now come all the way back to take the lead. Oh great Nick Johnson K'd and the ball all the way to the back stop and Johnson is on 1st Dookie just threw one into CF on a nubber. 1st and 3rd 1 out and up comes Zimermann. Zim gets a free pass. Bradford in the pen for Mets. Royce Clayton (sans dreadlocks) is up. Julio still in with the bags juiced 1 out. FUCK!!!! Clayton hit one up the middle 2 runs score it's 8-4 Nats. Bullpen imploded with Wagner and now Julio. You just knew with Julio in the game bad news was just around the corner. FUCK Shea is a ghost town everyone leaving. Damian Jackson base hit in comes Zim 9-4 Nats. Willie just got off his ass to take Julio out of the game. Julio is really taking his time getting to the dugout. This guy won't last here. He has Armando Benitez written all over him. No way he deserves to be in the pen over Heath Bell. Yes I know I'm ranting like a lunatic, I turned this damn computer on to read my e mail and now I'm venting. Chad Bradford in and one pitch to Matt LeCroy who hits a grounder to Reyes and the carnage is over. I can live with Wagner giving up a bomb to Zimmerman as it was a solo shot and well shit happens but we knew from the day that Julio was obtained from the Orioles that this would happen. Please Omar cut your losses with this guy and bring up Heath Bell! Watched my first game on SNY tonight and thought the production was great. Nice clear picture and Gary Cohen and Mex are fine. Did Babe Ruth leave Mex that fur coat in his will? It looks llike those racoon coats the Bamabino would always be seen in on those old newsreels. Either that or there is a Hasidc rabbi in Williamsburg missing a coat. Mets should give fans a ticket to another game for coming out tonight. Even a witches tit is warmer that the weather tonight. Hummm Delgado hit a double and moved Beltran (a walk) to third. Second and Third 1 out. Wright is up. Wright flies to RF 1 out Floyd up. Yes it's only the second game but this one is goning to hurt.Floyd popped up to Vidro 2 down and Nady is the last hope. while I wait for Nady, AHern is fabulous at 2nd but he looks wwwaaayyy over matched at the plate. Christ, if the kid could just hit .250 there would be no problem. 2-1 count on X. 3-1 to Nady. OH SHIT Felix Rodriguez balked he flinched his shoulder. Beltran scores it's 9-5. Nady to Rodriguez to Johnson and that's it. 9-5 Nats. Petey tomorrow! Buenos Fuckin' Noches. < |