The Eddie Kranepool Society

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I NEVER KNEW THE SKILL SETS WERE SO EVIL I placed a call to the headmaster of the gang of extortionist Councilman Hiram Monserrate of Corona just to let him know I think he's shakedown artist and to find out how after 42 years of setting up shop in Flushing/Corona the Mets became "bad neighbors" as the councilman puts it. I spoke to an aid name Dave. Dave told me he lives in the Flushing about 15 blocks from Shea. He also told me he is a die hard Mets fan. Then he went on to trash the Mets and the Skill Sets for not cow towing to his boss' demands. I kind of felt like I was Phil Leotardo talking to Christopher Montasanti (This reference only makes sense if you're a Sopranos fan) I ask Dave what the councilman's problem was with the Mets. He gave me the old line of how they are not pro active in the community. When I brought up the fact that the Mets sponsor a summer reading program in the NYC Public Library, are the only team in the Metro are that has ethnic days at their venue, that they help fund a firehouse in Queens, that they give total support to Rusty Staub to hold events at Shea for the widows and children of cops and firemen, that they just hosted an autism awareness day at Shea on Sunday, that they run camp days in the summer to give day campers an outing at Shea, you know what his response was? What have they done about affordable housing in the neighborhood? Can you believe that? The Mets are responsible to find people housing. It took what little patience I have not to call Dave a fucking idiot. The only reason I didn't was I wanted to continue to be dumbfounded. I ask Dave what the Mets had to do with affordable housing he told me they should contribute money to help build housing in the area. He said that because they are a business in the area they should help make it better. I then asked him his boss as ever asked Home Depot to help with housing problems in the area since they are a big company operating in the area. There was a few seconds of dead air then he told me well they hire people from the area to work there. What that has to do with housing I don't know. Dave then went on to tell me how most of the vendors at Shea are from outside the community as well. I asked Dave if he understood that those jobs were union jobs and even if the Mets wanted to fire all the vendors and ushers and replace them with anyone with a Flushing/Corona zip code they couldn't do it. He had no answer. I then asked if he knew that most of the vendors never leave the vending profession even when they get full time jobs. He didn't. I wanted to know if council bully Monserrate or his tag team partner councilman John Liu were ever business owners. He told me Monserrate was a cop but Liu's father was in business. When I asked what kind of business, he didn't know. So I said "I guess he wasn't in the real estate/sports/media/pharmaceutical/ business like the Wilpon's, Dave told me he thinks his businesses were similar to that. I asked again is his name Liu or Trump? By now I had a headache as Dave is so clueless I thought I was getting punked. Unfortunately I wasn't. When I asked Dave why council bully Mosserrate was shaking down the Mets for money and acting like a thug he took offense. He said how dare you call the councilman that. I told him I'm just saying what Mayor Bloomberg said. Your boss and his cronies want cash and free tickets to Mets games from the Mets and the Mayor said this is a shakedown. Now isn't the Mayor correct Dave? No said Dave "it's all for affordable housing"? I hung up! < |