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Monday, April 24, 2006


I love all these alpha males killing Keith Hernandez about his remarks the other night. I just read this one by Ed Graney of the San Diego Union-Tribune and between him and Pads pitcher Chris Young they as so far off on this subject that they look ridiculous.

Hernandez is an "old school" player. Hell, the guy used to smoke in the dugout back in the day and the sit of woman in the dugout would raise his eyebrows for sure. Of course in this day and age a woman on an athletic staff is no big deal. On the sidelines of college football games there are scores of female trainers. Men's College baskteball too.

But what has me laughing is the add on the page that Graney's column runs. Look at the Hard Rock ad and check out the young lady in the add. Now if Graney complains to his bosses about that then I will retract everything I've said here.

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