The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

HO HUM METS ARE 6-1 Petey was very good tonight not really vintage Petey but 85 pitches of which 55 were strikes. The big play was the DP made in the 6th when Jose Guilen hit a smash to Reyes who flipped it to AHern who stood in like a stud, got upended but still got Guilen at 1st. I guess the toe that had us Mets fans freting is a non issue. When the Mets get home on Friday there had better be a prolonged standing O for Carlos Beltran in his first AB. I didn't hear Willie on with MBFOTSH and the Mutt but from the transcript on Mets Blog, Matt thinks Willie stood his ground with the Drive Time Douches. Matt also feels that Willie has grown very comfortable with the media this year. I guess a 6-1 record helps with that. Great shot of Carlos Delgado sitting in the dugout with his "pitchers book" and Vic Diaz hanging on every word Delgado was saying. Still waiting for the pocket protector crowd to write about the Jose Reyes approach at the plate so far this season. I'm looking forward to seeing the Brew Crew this weekend at Shea. I want to get a good look at Rickie Weeks, J.J. Hardy and Prince Fielder. Plus I'm pretty sick of seeing the Nationals. Thank you Katy Feeney for a sucky schedule. I'm almost ready to write my "I'm sorry I was against you being a Met" post about Paul LoDuca. I guess the Jim Tracey was right about Dookie. SNY seems to be running it's post game show a bit longer after getting a lot of heat for not giving the Mets fan what he wants. As much as SNY wants to be THE voice of NY sports it has to make the Mets it's bread and butter. Hey they don't have to go overboard like the YUCK Network but I would love to see a minor league recap included in the SNY post game. In fact a weekly show on the Baby Mets should be a priority. Tomorrow afternoon, can The Zambrano Project continue the great starting pitching the Mets have been getting? Let's hope so. Heilman should be able to go tomorrow if needed and Dauner Sanchez is rested as is Chad Bradford so all we really need from Zambrano is 6 good innings. Livan Hernandez will go for the Nats and should be tough. Com'on Vic Z show some cajones!!!!! < |