The Eddie Kranepool Society

Thursday, April 13, 2006

GLAZED OVER BY THE RULE BOOK Forgive me for being brief here but I just sat through a 2 hour presentation on the rules of Little League baseball. Before the start of the season the head of the umpires give all managers a talk about the rules to try to keep the arguments to a minimum. All I can say is baseball is an amazing game and there are so many senarios that play out in a game it just about impossible to know all of them. I did pretty well on rules like appeal plays and blocking home plate by a catcher so after the meeting most of my fellow managers wanted to continue the talk. Opening day is a week away I can't wait. It's hard to find any negatives with a team that just beat the balls off another. Sure The Zambrano Project was not great today but he was good enough and it was his first appearance so I'll cut the human pinata some slack. He tossed 87 pitches of which 47 were strikes. The first 3 innings Zambrano was impressive (I didn't watch the game but listen to it at work. I like Tom McCarthy. He has a good broadcasting voice but he needs to show more of a sense of humor. He did the game with Ed (Grey Goose) Coleman as Howie Rose is stuck finishing up another dreadful Icelander hockey season. I'd like to hear Howie and McCarthy over a long period of time to see if MacCarthy has the same sense of humor as Rose and if there is a connection between the two. It's to early to tell) but then the plate started to move around on him in the 4th and 5th. Willie was able to get Darren Oliver, the Human Torch Julio Lugo and the staled work horse Dauner Sanchez some some much needed work. 7-1 and the team is a hitting machine I still have a hard time with this success. Now we know why Petey was going to Miami so much during spring training, he was preparing for his citizenship test. He passed with flying colors. How about Mayor Petey? I'm going to bed I have delayed steals and appeal plays running through my head. < |