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Monday, April 24, 2006

Girls, Girls, Girls Long legs and burgundy lips Girls,Dancin' down on Sunset Strip GirlsRed lips, fingertips Oh the Mex is in deep do-do over his over the top reaction to a female in the Padres dugout this past Saturday night. Hernandez was shocked, SHOCKED! to see a chick in there with the fella's. Then he tried to back track a bit in his statement but it just kept getting worse for the Mex: {"I won't say women belong in the kitchen. But they don't belong in the dugout," Hernandez said.} This was the equivalent of pulling a thread on a sweater and the whole damn garment just unravels. But just when you thought Hernandez was done there was more (by the way Hernandez is fantastic as a game analyst and I love his political incorrectness. He even used the term "got em by the short hairs last week" My man! Just think kids, this is what you missed in the 80's ) Mex tried to make up for the remark as he told anyone offended to kiss his ass, in so many words: {I stand by those statements. I think this is a man's game and I feel very strongly about it," Hernandez said. "And if anybody thinks when I made that comment about women being in the kitchen, and takes it seriously, well, get a sense of humor."} Ah but not so fast, Mex was taken to the wood shed by Dean of Discipline at SNY Curt Gowdy Jr. and was made to apologize during Sunday's telecast. Hey you have to watch what you say these days as everyone is so sensitive. Of course Hernandez does not believe that women belong in the kitchen. Everyone knows they belong swinging on a pole. < |