The Eddie Kranepool Society

Thursday, April 06, 2006

FINALLY A TEAM WITH A PULSE I didn't get to see the whole game tonight but from the point I picked it up (7th inning) a few things look very positive. Petey didn't have a great line today but I love that he pitched inside to Guilen and plunked him. Guilen made a step toward the mound and the Mets infield surrounded Petey like Secret Service Agents and Dookie grab a hold of Gulien. This team has balls and will stick up for each other. a great sign not seen around here in a while. Boom goes Beltran. Yes he should be bating 2nd but you know what he does not deserve to be booed either and it's obviously bothering him. Great shot by SNY cameras as the fans cheered Beltran after his home run in the 7th, the fans wanted a curtain call and Beltran gave them his ass to kiss. Julio Franco went to Beltran and told him to take the bow and cut the woe is me act. Great leadership by Grand Papi. Dauner Sanchez was outstanding with 2 innings of relief and 4 K's. Bullpen will be fully rested now for weekend series with the Fish. Freddy Skill Sets unveiled the NEW ball park today at Shea and it looks outstanding. Yes kids, I was teary eyed like Freddy looking at the Ebbets Field facade but I think we all agree this park will be a major upgrade over Shea. MBFOTSH and the Mutt may have hit an all time low on their show today. It's one thing to criticize the Mets but they go out of their way in a very unprofessional and juvenile way today to bash the team. First off enough with this stupid Enter Sandman song. The only people who give a shit about this are the mentally challenged Highlander fans. While the FAN schmucks were acting like shitheads, Dan Patrick and Keith Olberman had Bud Selig on for 40 minutes grilling him on what did he know and when did he know it with the steroid issue. Big difference in broadcasting eh? < |