The Eddie Kranepool Society

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

EYEORE GETS ANOTHER CHANCE Another head scratching move was announced that Eyeore Zambrano WILL NOT be skipped in the rotation with the day off on Thursday. Instead it looks like Steve Trachsel is the odd man out this week. Why? Well Omar and Willie say publicly that they have faith in Zambrano to straighten out and fly right. They also are afraid to mess with his fragile psyche. Maybe there are afraid if they tell him he's out of the rotation this week he'll jump in front of a train or something but this stroking of Zambrano is past getting old to the point where the approach is embarrassing. Zambrano has not earned this long leash that the Mets have given him and if he gets his tits lit up by the Braves this weekend maybe then a move will be made. Speaking of embarassing, enough already with the Keith Hernandez bashing. Christ, the guy said something stupid, he's apologized for saying it, he has spoken to Kelly Calabrese, the most famous physical therapist in the United States, so can we move on here? It's amazing the amount of press this has gotten and the way it looks most people want Mex's head on a platter along with his job. Get a grip will ya! Listening to Joe (Bada Bing-Bada Boom) Beningno this morning a lot of fans were calling in killing Carlos Beltran for no going on the DL. Since when is it up to the player to decide if he goes on the DL or not? Omar needs to sit down with the doctors and get a prognosis on the injured hammy and then go to Beltran and ask him how he feels. If Beltran says it's still sore and he's not ready to go, then put him on the DL and call up Vic Diaz. Of course the better call up is Lastings Miledge but it looks like it will take a catrastophe to see Milledge at Shea any time before September. One thing is for sure, you can't keep playing a man short every game of a tough road trip as the Mets are 2-3 so far with two more in SF and then a 3 day trip to Hell (aka Turner Field) Time to make a move Omar! < |