The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

DOC GOODEN SENTENCED TO ONE YEAR IN JAIL I can't get the irony out of my head. Darryl Strawberry who has the same demons as Doc plus the shadow of cancer following him was at Shea on Monday and was greeted as a hero. He walked down the left field foul line, slapping hands with fans and looked like the happiest man at Shea. Now we see Doc, as popular and as great a player who ever played for the Mets standing in front of a judge asking him to place him in jail because as Gooden told him " I have a problem with cocaine" I've met Gooden a couple of times, the last was at the Richmond County Ball Park here on Staten Island two years ago and he could not have been more gracious to me and my son. After we left, my son asked me why Doc ever left the Mets. It broke my heart to tell him about the off field life that Gooden led. He was kind of shocked that a guy as nice as Gooden could get caught up in that kind of life. It is a shame that Gooden can't kick the cocaine habit, hopefully this stint in jail will help him. < |