The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, April 23, 2006

DAY AND NIGHT, NIGHT AND DAY Last night Petey pitched a game for the ages. His command of his pitches were exquisite. Just make a space for his plaque in Cooperstown for he is without a doubt a first ballot Hall of Famer. Then we have our mantinee idol, The Zambrano Project, who if you have kids and ever read or watched Winnie the Pooh, reminds me of Eyeore. Eyeore is always down in the dumps, mad that he is a donkey. That's how Zambrano acts on the mound he always has this woe is me look to him and he's pitching right now with no confidence whatsoever. While Professor Rick sits back like Nero fiddling while Rome burned, I think Willie Randolph has about had it with Zambrano and I know LoDuca' fed up. How many times did Zambrano think he was going to shake off LoDuca before he got an earful? First it seems LoDuca went to Professor Rick to give him the low down on his boy and I'd bet a large sum of cash that Zambrano was ripped a new one by Dookie in the clubhouse later. Zambrano has been so bad that rumors are out that Omar Minaya is looking at RHP Zach Day, who has been DFA by the Rockies. Minaya traded for Day when he ran the Expos but Day is even below journeyman status as he has suffered from shoulder trouble in the past. So even a guy with a bad wing looks to have more upside than Zambrano. Luckily with the off day on Thursday, Zambrano will be the odd man out when the Mets go to Atlanta for the weekend, that is if he is still with the Mets by the weekend. In the top of the 6th today the Mets were down 5-2 and had the bases loaded with 2 out and Endy Chavez the batter. Now we have been told that Carlos Beltran has a "sore" hammy and can or can not hit and can or can not play the field as it's an hour by hour deal with Beltran. Now why in the world was Chavez allowed to bat in that situation? Yes it did work out as Chavez must have closed his eyes and swung as he hit a 2 run single up the middle to bring the Mets to 5-4. Willie could have put up Beltran and the moved Nady to CF and brought in Valentin to play RF. But I ask the question, what will it take to put Beltran on the DL? Maybe this was a sign that Beltran will be on the DL tonight or tomorrow so as to bring up Vic Diaz 4 days earlier than he could on normal conditions and keep the very impressive 7 man bullpen intact, and with the way the back of the rotation can't get past the 6th inning, the Mets may have to go to an 8 man pen. It's very tough to play 24 against 25 and of the 24 half of them are pitchers and get late inning comeback when you need pinch hitters. < |