The Eddie Kranepool Society

Saturday, April 29, 2006

DAVID WRIGHT: BRAVES KILLER David Wright is doing to the Braves what Larry Jones has done to the Mets all these years, putting fear in them everytime he steps to the plate. Last night with his 2 home runs (and a sac fly to get the scoring going in the 1st) Wright added to his impressive HR totals against Atlanta. He know has 11 HR in his short and impressive career vs. the Braves and 6 of those have been launched at the Ted. So now you know when Wright is asked the same tired question about not being able to beat the Braves he just laughs and thinks are these guy watching me play here. How great is life when you have an ace pitcher? Petey was well...Petey last night. The young Petey would just try and overpower you and put up some very gaudy numbers. The older Petey is a work of art as he takes the mound. Sure he's beating guys with his arm but it's his wise head that should not be discounted. Watching him set guys up with a breaking ball last night that looked like it came from a Bugs Bunny cartoon was special. When batters were looking fastball Petey would come with a big curve or a slider that just messed batters up. He threw pitches that looked like they were fat above the knees and then would drop like they fell off a cliff. All you worry about with Petey is his health and just hope he can build up strength to last the whole season. Still a mystery to me why Carlos Beltran is not on the DL. Last night he shagged fly's in the outfield during batting practice and felt his hammy tighten again. I guess they could be waiting until Monday to do it as Brain Bannister in on the DL as of yesterday with his hamstring problem and this way the Mets can bring up a pitcher from Norfolk for the start on Monday. By the way I agree with Willie here as to not take Daren Oliver out of the pen as the bullpen right now is the best in baseball and is dominant so it makes sense not to fool with it. By the way, Beltran can take all the time he needs as with the extended playing time he's getting Endy Chavez has opened a lot of eyes. Right now he is the best defensive centerfielder in the game (you want to argue Andruw Jones you may have a point) as he runs down balls in the gap like no one else. He just missed grabbing Larry Jones HR last night in what would have been one of the great catches of all time. Chavez is even growing in confidence with the bat as well. His ability to lay down a bunt and beat it out is outstanding and a lost art. Chavez is a throwback player. Mets are now 15-7 but most notable is their road record of 8-3. Last year leaving home was a disaster as the Mets had a 35-46 record when packing a suitcase so this years road record could be the sign of good things to come. So now the Braves and Phillies are 6 games back of the Mets with the Nats at 7 1/2 GB and the Fish at 8 back. Anyone want Jae Seo back? Dauner Sanchez has not given up a run in 16 innings. < |