The Eddie Kranepool Society

Saturday, April 22, 2006

CAN SOMEONE TAKE CHARGE AROUND HERE? Before I get to last night's tough loss, I was reading David Lennon's story in Newsday on the on going saga of Carlos Beltran's bad hammy. It's quite obvious that Beltran is still not right and still tentative about playing on the sore leg and even though he says he learned from last year that playing on a sore quad muscle wasn't wise, it seems he's going down that road again this year. Beltran told Willie Randolph he was good to go in Thursday' game. After 4 innings Beltran threw in the towel and Endy Chavez had to take over in CF in the 5th. The Mets then sent Beltran for an MRI and are waiting for their medical staff to look at the MRI and make a diagnosis. Save the docs the trouble, here is Dr. Kranepool Society prognosis. Put Beltran on the 15 day DL, send him down to St. Lonesome for treatment and rehab and bring up Lastings Milledge. It's not hard to figure out! Why does this organization make simple solution's look like college calculus? Of course when Willie Randolph was asked about bringing up Milledge to take over CF, he gives a statement like he's a prisoner of war: {"He's off to a nice little start, but we haven't talked about that," Randolph said. "We feel Endy and the people we have here are capable." Milledge, however, has the chance to be great. The former first-round draft pick is fast, has a good arm and seems fearless. He's unusually mature for someone who just turned 21 on April 5. But is he ready?"That's a good question," Randolph said before Friday's game. "He has the energy and he can hit a fastball, but they don't just throw fastballs up here. Sometimes you can catch lightning in a bottle with a young player, but it's not something you want to rush to do."} GODDAMN IT WILLIE YOU FRUSTRATE THE SHIT OUT OF ME!!! Your not rushing him up here. If Beltan was 100 % there would be no question that Milledge should stay in Norfolk but YOU NEED HIM!!!!!!!!! Dookie, Wright and Nady are not hitting like they did the first week of the season. Floyd is showing some signs of life and you can't lay the load on Carlos Delgado every night. I love the way Endy Chavez plays CF but he can't hit. And who are these guys that you have that are capable? Jose Valentin? Woody? neither one can play CF. When Willie makes statements like this I take it as an insult, like Mets fans have no clue of what we're watching and it's Willie's statements like that that makes the fans blood boil and it spills over toward the hostile behavior we have seen at Shea the last homestand. How can Willie say the Mets haven't even discussed bringing Milledge up? Willie still thinks he's working in the Bronx where St. Joseph of Torre gets away with talking alot and saying nothing of substance. If that's true then that's deraliction of duty. Maybe in the Bronx they get away with pissing on the fans and telling them it's raining, but that bullshit don't fly in Flushing.,0,3247090.story?coll=ny-sports-print < |