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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

BATS CAN'T BEAT PELFRY Mike Pelfry is on the fast track to Flushing as he has been promoted to Binghamton. The Mets were thinking of bringing Pelfry right to the big leagues but they didn't want Victor Zambrano to miss his next start. Seriously, Pelfry has been everything the Mets and scouts have predicted and it seems like a good bet that he will be pitching for the Mets come late summer. Give the Mets, Omar and the Skill Sets a ton of credit for getting Mike Pelfry as the experts had him listed as the number 1 overall pick in last years draft. The only reason team shied away was due to Scot Boras and paying big money to Pelfry. The Mets stepped up big time by taking him and giving him a big bonus and a spot on the 40 man. See there are some positives here. Trying to figure out what the Mets are doing with Carlos Beltran just gives me a headache. There is mention of it in the link above. < |