The Eddie Kranepool Society

Saturday, April 15, 2006

ALMOST A RECORD No Mets team has ever won 9 of it's first 10 games to start a season and that streak is still intact after today's 8-2 loss to the Brewskis. I didn't see the game but I will watch it later on the 232 replays that SNY shows but I saw some of the highlights. First, it seems Willie is dead set against putting Beltran in that 2 hole as AHern was there today with Dookie getting a day off. It's like Willie saying kiss my ass to all of us who feel Beltran belongs in that spot. Beltran had a tough day it seems in the field as he looked lost on the blooper hit by Prince Fielder in the 5th. I'm going to give Beltran the benefit of the doubt as it was a very sunny day and centerfield on a day like that at Shea is very difficult. Trachsel only lasted 5 innings and the bullpen with Daren Oliver and the Human Torch (Jorge Julio) getting hit around. Something has to be done with Julio as this is just going to get uglier and uglier when he takes the mound at Shea. The guy is just so ineffective and looks so uneasy out there. After getting tagged for a 2 run homer by Geoff Jenkins he was burried in boos. It was interesting after the game taking a cue from Mets vet Cliff Floyd, Xavier Nady took up the cause for Julio: {Some fans chanted "Bring Back Benson!" -- a reference to the offseason trade that brought him to New York for Kris Benson. Julio said he didn't hear the jeers, but some of his teammates took offense. "Someone gets booed -- we're all a team, we're all a family, and I think everyone takes it kind of personally," Nady said. } I don't like booing a hometown player and booing Beltran was just ignorant but Julio is just not any good. It doesn't look like Julio and NYC will be be a happy marriage. Now the fans who boo probably don't even know who Heath Bell is, but those of us who follow everything that this organization does knows that Bell is superior to Julio and it makes no sense that a guy like Bell who can be effective is in Norfolk and Julio gets to stay in the big leagues. I think after seeing how Willie had the quick hook with Heilman last night and his totally being fed up with Kaz Matsui and not really being a Steve Trachsel fan, Willie is getting more confident in his managing and looks to be flexing some muscle with that position. The status of Jorge Julio on the roster is something to watch as Willie wants nothing to do with this guy, hell he watched him blow up in games when Willie was employed across town, so let's keep an eye on Julio and see if he get cut or traded which I believe Willie wants or if he gets another chance out of the pen which Omar wants. Last night the Mets Psot Game Show on SNY was a disgrace. Sure the game ran late but why give the Mets the short shift just to get SportsNite on? I swear the post game show was about 10 minuttes. SNY has to get this "We are all New York Sports" mentality out of their heads. There is no disgrace on being the "Mets Channel". You don't have to be a propaganda machine like the YUCK Network but please gives us our Mets! Lat night I wanted more of Willie and an interview with Aaron Heilman and Duaner Sanchez. and please no more in game interviews with some guy and his kid at the game when there is action on the field. In fact so far, field reporter Chris Cotter is useless. He gives you zero info. When the Mets were in D.C. he gave us the old "look at me sitting in a section with no fans" and then last night he interviewed some guy and his kid. If that's the best he can do, then you can do without him. < |