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Sunday, April 09, 2006

AIR OF CONFIDENCE For most of the afternoon I played catch with my son and listened to today's 3-2 win on the radio. But after Billy Wagner closed out the 9th I said "let's go in an watch the bottom of the 9th on TV because I have a good feeling about this game" Now it's been a while since I've said that about a Mets game but with Beltran, Delgado and Wright coming up I just knew this game wouldn't go to extra innings. Believe me I've never been very optimistic about anything but this Mets team after the first week of the season is changing that. Yes I know they have played the Nats and the Fish, doesn't matter those are the teams they have to beat and that's what they've done. Tell me your not pumped up for the nest three games in D.C.? Some thoughts on the game: Maybe Willie is learning something after a year. Remember last year when Cliff Floyd was hotter than Manhattan asphalt in August and Willie sat him him down during the hot streak? Well it seems he was ready to make some moves on Saturday by taking out Dookie and AHern. No problem there. He made no mention of taking out X-Nady for Vic Diaz. And to that we can say HALLELUJAH!!! Then to go one even better he realized that with Saturday's rain out and Monday an off day he made sure all the regulars played except for Floyd who was replaced by Diaz. Maybe Willie is finally listening to us. Dauner Sanchez is just plain nasty. Heilman, Sanchez and Wagner nice, very nice Titan Tommy Glavine is living up to my pre season expectations as he threw a gem today. Glavine threw 91 pitches that broke down to 64K/27B. Command and control. It's a beautiful thing. Ho Hum David Wright 3RBI. Maybe those M-V-P chants are not as premature as I thought. AHern 2 hits. Enjoy St. Lonesome KazMat. 55, 255 showed up at Shea today. Tell me again that we are the "second team" in town. I read Mike Lupica's story in the Daily News today about his "confrontation" with Petey in the Mets clubhouse today. There is no more self important putz around than Lupica. From the stories I've heard the guy never leaves his New Canaan CT home (what is it with New Canaan both Chris Russo and Mike Lupica live there. What does a village do with TWO idiots?) to cover games so the one day he goes out of the house he has to write about him and Petey and a disagreement. This was not exactly Bob Klapish vs. Bobby Bonnila. Petey questioned Lupica about a story he wrote in spring training that Petey thought was a slight against his work ethic. He confronted Lupica and gave him his take. Of course with a rain out Lupica had nothing else to write about so he came up with this silly story. Better you stay home on the couch Mike. Check this out also from today's Daily News. A couple of political hacks in the NYC City Council are giving the Skill Sets a hard time about the new ballpark. The pant load who is the councilman in the district, John Liu shows his ignorance with this quote: {"We're all very supportive of the new stadium because it is a boon for the whole city and the Queens community, but at the same time, a stadium does impose burdens, substantial burdens, on part of the nearby community," said Councilman John Liu (D-Queens), who attended the meeting. "We'd like to see an integration between the Mets and the Queens community, so the Mets aren't an island unto themselves," Liu said. } What burdens? Do you mean the people stopping in the boadagas and Spanish restaurants before and after games? Or the line outside the Lemon Ice King of Corona on a warm evening after a Mets game. Please coucilman stop being a schmuck. There is no burden on the neighborhood, the illegal chop shops still operate on game days, in fact they will park your car for $25 bucks if you like. As for the Mets intergrating themselves into the community how about the GM who lived there as a kid and still is a patron of the local business. Or how about the Mets contribution to the New York Public Library summer reading program. Or the ethnic nights they have every season. Or the hospital visits the players make. Or the firehouse in Maspeth that the Mets adopted after September 11th. I guess that's not good enough for a two bit hack like Liu. < |