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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

YO, POCKET PROTECTOR CROWD, TRY WATCHING A GAME ONCE IN AWHILE Let me make this perfectly clear, I'm not anti-stats in fact I'm far from that as the amount of money I've spent on Bill James books, The Hardball Times Baseball Annual and Baseball Prospectus can attest to, but math was never one of favorite subjects in school. In fact most of my time in math class was fantasizing about what the girls in the class looked like naked. But baseball is a game of numbers and I do enjoy the work most sabermaticians do. The one place that does drive me up a wall is when it comes to their critiques of Jose Reyes. There seems to be a site that has some horse shit study on Reyes and this anal obsession with his On Base Pct. Yes we would all love Jose to get on base at a .400 clip but it just seems to me that some of the slide rule set just has not watched him play. Reyes, all of 22 years of age, is one of the most exciting players in baseball. As I noted in the Boone retirement post, his enthusiasm for the game is refreshing from the surly bastards like Gary Sheffield who can't seem to figure out that this is the best time of their lives. Reyes is an outstanding fielder and when he lays a ball down the line there is nothing better than watching him leg out a triple. When he's on first base it just gives the pitcher one more thing to worry about (which is why Beltran must 2nd-paid for by Fans of Beltran) I guess what I'm trying to say in too many words is "shut up and enjoy the show" . Some folks just think too much and lose their appreciation of the game itself.

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