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Monday, March 13, 2006

WILLIE RANDOLPH THREADING ON SOME SHAKY GROUND I'm reading the NY Times this morning and get to the article on Jeff Keppinger and how it seems he has no chance of grabbing not only the 2nd base job but a bench job as well. Now as much as that has me scratching my head a bit, it this quote from Willie Ranolph that had me sit up straight: {And though Randolph did not declare the competition over, he added this: "Keppinger really wasn't in the mix. Keppinger was kind of a long shot, and he's still kind of a long shot, but he's there." } WHOA! At the start of spring training Randolph said the 2nd base job was wide open. Then when Jose Reyes left to play for the D.R. in the WBC, instead of giving the bulk of the shortstop work to Corey Ragsdale, Randolph decided to move Anderson Hernandez from 2nd base to short. So now Woody, KazMat and Keppinger saw much of the 2nd base action. Look at these numbers and tell me who deserves to get the boot: KazMat 28 AB .143/.172/.250 2xbh AHern 27AB .296/.321/.296 0 xbh Woody 20AB .300/.375/.350 1 xbh Keppinger 19AB .316/.316/.526 4xbh So the guy with the best numbers Keppinger, has no shot at making the squad but the guy with the worst numbers looks like a lock? So did Randolph lie to us at the begining of camp or is this the Skill Sets saying "we don't care how much Matsui sucks we are playing him" Willie has to be careful if he's taking a bullet for management because the next one they fire my be at him. < |