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Friday, March 03, 2006

WHERE TO BEGIN There is Mets news up the ying yang today but before I give some quick hits, I have been calling DirecTV and SportsNet NY trying to find out if and when SNY will be hurling through the galaxy, into my dish and on my TV. First, thanks to Matt Cerrone on Metsblog for linking the new SNY web site. It comes with names and phone numbers for every cable system on the east coast. That tells me that SNY is willing to make any deal it can with any cable or satellite provider. Back to my conversations. The folks at DirecTV had no info on SNY. The customer service rep that I spoke to must have been located in East Bubblefuck because he had no clue of what SNY was. But after a few minutes of conversation he said, "I would be surprised if we didn�t carry that station. We have all the other regional sports channels and as you say this is a NY sports channel and will carry all the Mets games, it wouldn�t make sense not to carry it". I thanked Ol� Goober for that and moved on to SNY. I called their office and was told they are negotiating with DirecTV and hopefully the will come to an agreement. I�m guessing that within a week, SNY will have a big press gala to announce that DirecTV, DISH and Cablevision have picked up the network. That�s just a guess and nothing more. Cablevision needs TW and Comcast to keep showing MSG and FSNY on their systems and DirecTV and DISH are not programmers so you�d figure they�d take in all the programing they can get their hands on. PETEY TERROR TOE RATING:1 With the Oscars coming up on Sunday (I usually skip awards shows except for the Golden Globes because that is a more relaxed setting with a lot of alcohol consumption kinda like every afternoon at Paula Abdul�s house. By the way, how blitzed was Paula last night on American Idol? And horny! She would bed all the male contestants on that show even little Chicken Little. Plus how badly does she want Simon? The producers need to put a drop cloth under her seat. What? Oh sorry yeah Petey�s toe) Petey gave an Academy Award performance in St. Lonesome: {"My heart is there, and they know I was trying to get there, but I justcan't," Martinez said. "At this point I haven't thrown to a batter yet. It'sreally difficult. I haven't even thrown a breaking ball here. I'm stillwondering about my toe. It's really difficult. There's no time. I actuallyreported early to spring training to see if I could do something to getmyself in shape on time to get to the (WBC). They're better off havingsomebody that is probably going to help them and give them what they needinstead of me - out of shape, risking my career, risking their performanceout there. It's going to be a tough competition. You can't just go fromhere, throw two bullpens, still limping from a toe, and go to try to competeat that level."} Just call him Petey Seymour Hoffman. THE BEAT GOES ON Bill Madden with Willie Randolph in today�s Daily News: {Willie Randolph was rushing out of the visitors' clubhouseat Roger Dean Stadium yesterday when he made an abrupt detour into thetrainer's room and grabbed himself a glove."Planning on thrusting yourself into the competition?" I asked him."You mean second base?" the Mets manager said, laughing. "Nah, not withthese knees. No player-manager stuff for me. Too bad, too. I'd come cheap.Only $2 million."} What Madden forgot to add was Willie also said "not like that overpaid piece of shit over there" SPEAKING OF 2ND BASE From the Boston Herald: {Graffanino, who is third on the Sox depth chart behind Mark Loretta andAlex Cora, was told by general manager Theo Epstein earlier in camp the teamwill attempt to trade him if it appears his playing time will be limited anda better opportunity arises. He was 0-for-3 in the Sox' 6-3 loss at HammondStadium. More than a dozen teams were represented by scouts at last night's game,including the New York Mets, who are on the lookout for an establishedsecond baseman following Bret Boone's sudden retirement Wednesday. "We've talked to Tony already, and we're going to make sure he playsenough," Sox manager Terry Francona said. "It's kind of a win-win situationif he plays well, and he's a good player. He could be with us, he couldpotentially be with somebody else. I think we all acknowledge that. Icertainly don't want him sitting. I wouldn't do that to him." } Tony,Toni,Tone Graffanino is ripe for the picking and I agree with Mike at The Metropolitans, a Victor Diaz for Tony G would not be a bad deal at all. Tony G is a local boy from the horror town of Amityville. Last year splitting time between KC ans Boston he hit .309/.366/.425 27xbh in 113 games total. He�s an excellent contact hitter who hardly K�s (369 K/2100 AB) he�s a little limited in his range at 2nd base but he�s a big improvement over Matsui, as he turns a swell DP. He just re-upped for a year at $2.05 mil so he looks to be a bargain. Stay tuned. NOT THE WRIGHT TIME David Wright�s agent went looking for a $77,500 raise for his client and was rebuffed by the Mets. So Wright�s contracted was renewed for the market adjusted raise of $47,500. I don�t make a big deal out of this even though Willy Taveras of the Astros who has less service time than Wright, got $400K. Look, Wright has the Mets by the short hairs here and they know they are just biding their time until the have to hand over the keys to the kingdom to him. Wright as usual took it all in stride: {The renewal process can come with negative connotations, but Wright said,"Nothing like that happened. There never was anything bad. We just didn'tagree." } < |