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Thursday, March 16, 2006

WHAT'S THE FREQUENCY FREDDY? So SNY is on the air, I guess. I have DirecTV so I wouldn't know. From all the reports I read and from calling SNY and DirecTV I get the same song and dance, "We're very close to an agreement". Well, ain't that fucking swell. Why does is take last minute screaming and yelling to get these negotiations completed? Time Warner and Comcast have Cablevision by the short hairs I would think by withholding renewing MSG and FSNY or even moving both of them to the high end of the cable food chain. Cablevision has nothing to fight here as right after the hockey season both MSG and FSNY will have nothing but infomercials to run. So you would think Cablevision would play ball here. What I don't get with DirecTV (beside SNY) is they carry every other Regional Sports Network so why not just get together here and sign up SNY. In fact a customer service rep at DirecTV said it takes no time at all to get the channel on the system and it should not cost any extra money for the subscribers since it will be on a the special sports package they have. Then there is SNY. It seems for the last three years all we heard about is this channel so you would have thought they would have had all the cable and satellite providers on board on launch day. But no. Again everyone you talk to either at SNY or DirecTV tell you it will either any day now or by opening day. It should have be done yesterday. Matt Cerrone over at MetsBlog has covered the SNY situation better than anyone not just in the blogesphere but his investigative work should have the main stream media types embarrassed. One of the papers in town would be smart to grab Matt and put him on the payroll. It's time for the Bill Madden's and Vic Zeigel's of the sportswriting world to step aside and let young guys like Cerrone take over. Matt was at the opening festivities at SNY and sounds like a cross between VH1's "Flava of Love" and "The Sureal Life" . Here Matt was standing around minding his own business and who does he find standing next to him none other than Freddy Skill Sets himself. Also loser extraordinarie, Mark Gasttineu was there as well as Ron Darling. Quite the eclectic collection I'd say. I will be in Manhattan on Saturday, so I'm going to take a walk over to 51st and 6th to check out the SNY studio myself. If you have Time Warner or Comcast and watched the game tonight or watch any programming on SNY drop me an e mail or leave a note in the comments section. Thanks < |