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Friday, March 17, 2006

WHAT�S THE FREQUENCY FREDDY PART DEUX So it seems SNY had some technical difficulties yesterday on its maiden voyage. I guess these things happen. It�s not that big a deal. What is a big deal is me getting this channel on DirecTV. Focus Jon Litner, focus!!!!!! Has he lost his mind Can he see or is he blind Can he walk at all Or if he moves will he fall Nobody wants him They just turn their heads Nobody helps him Now he has his revenge Here we go again with Kaz Matsui. Last night he sprained the MCL in his right knee sliding into second base. KazMat did stay in the game but came out after a couple of innings and had the knee placed in a soft air cast. Now when asked when he�d be ready for action KazMat had this to say: {�I�m not going to rush myself back onto the field�, he said. �I just want to get it fixed. Any injury is a setback whether I was playing well or not�} So unless he�s 100 % Matsui will not get back into action. He feels this is serious enough to where it will take him some time to get back to full strength. Well, it seems Willie Randolph sees it differently: {�I�m not concerned. He should be OK in a day or two. He just banged his knee and you want to be cautious in spring training.�} I get the feeling that Randolph has visions of Tony Graffanino dancing in his head.,0,1931778.story?coll=ny-sports-print UPDATE: Kaz Mat will be out at least 3 weeks: {An MRI administered on Friday confirmed and quantified the injury Matsui suffered Thursday night in an awkward slide into second base: a Grade 2 sprain of the right knee (a Grade 4 being the worst). The Mets said Matsui was restricted -- no real baseball activities -- for three weeks, a timeline that reaches into the first week of the regular season and, as Willie Randolph said, "Probably will put him back where he has to start over." } Hopefully Omar has unlimited weekends on his cell phone. THE PAIN AND SUFFERING OF BUD SELIG How would you like to be Alan H. Bud Selig today? His great idea of a World Baseball Championship will be remembered for Bob Davidson�s sucky umpiring and Team USA spiting the bit , not making the semi�s. He is also being given some very bad advice on conducting an investigation to see if Barry Bonds took steroids. What�s next a probe into seeing if Anna Benson likes sex? Did Bonds take steroids? Yes. Did it amp up his home run stats? Yes. Is he a prick with ears? Yes. Should he suspended? NO. For what? At the time BB was shooting up like Ratso Rizzo, there was no steroid testing or program in effect. So what exactly can Bonds be suspended for? Back in 1999 when Bonds� blew up like a Thanksgiving Day float that was when some action should have been taken. But since Giants owner Peter McGowan was paying off a big nut on the �Ball Park that Changes it�s Name Every Season,� and the place was packed 81 times a summer, so Bud looked the other way. Now with books coming out that show �gasp� that Bonds was juiced, Bud has decided to become Law and Order Selig. Too late now Buddy. It seems Bud did confront Bonds a few years back and asked him straight out if he was on steroids and supposedly Bonds told him no. OK Bonds is a liar. He�s lied to his wives and he�s lied to his goomada, he�s lied to the press, he�s lied to the fans. Are you starting to see a pattern here? Bud, will just have to count himself as one more person who has had his heartbroken by Bonds. Get over it. The Toxic Twins (Fehr and Oraza) will fight a suspension of Bonds tooth and nail and as we all know that is always a mismatch. < |