The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, March 13, 2006

UGLY AMERICANS I don't care how big a flag waver you are, Team USA was given a win on silver platter yesterday against Japan. When Akinori Iwanura hit a fly ball to LF it looked as though the Japanese would take a 4-3 lead with Tsuyoshi Nishioka tagging up at third and scoring easily as Randy Winn made an awful throw. Now here's where it gets good. As Nishioka crosses the plate, stumble bum ump (a Richie Phillips Kool Aid drinker) Bob Davidson called him safe and Japan was up 4-3. But wait, the incompetence level just went up a noch as Buck Martinez comes out of the dugout and claims that Nishioka left early. So catcher Brian Schneider throws down to Larry Jones who steps on third and Knight makes the safe call and that's that. Martinez still not satisfied asks Davidson to over rule Knight and call Nishioka out and that's what Davidson unbelievably does. That was just wrong. First off Davidson had called Nishioka safe. If he thought he left early he wouldn't even make a call. But as the replay show, Nishioka left right when the ball was caught. Plus the throw by Winn was so bad there was no way he was ever going to catch Nishioka. The one thought the went through my mind was the next game Davidson will proabaly work will be either a Little League game or a beer league softball game as he was not asked back by MLB after the Phillips fiasco and maybe he just wanted to teach young Mr. Knight a minor league ump who still has a shot at a ML job a lesson. But instead Davidson showed that former MLB VP Sandy Alderson made the right choice in not rehiring him.,0,7748307.story?coll=ny-sports-print < |