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Friday, March 31, 2006

TWEAK GOES THE HAMMY The Zambrano Project got lit up like Nick Nolte at Octoberfest and to top it it off he "tweaked" his hamstring. According the Ed (Grey Goose) Coleman on WFAN, Zambrano will miss at least one start and Brian Bannister will move up to pitch game 2 of the season. All Bannister needs is for Titan Tommy to wake up Monday with a case of the shits and he can grab Opening Day. It's what's being a Mets fan is all about kids. Just think if The Zambrano Project has to go on the DL where do the Mets turn? Jose Lima looks like choice number one as he has agreed to go to Norfolk after he told reporters he would not go to AAA as "he has nothing to prove down there". After Lima I guess the very ineffective Yusaku Iriki would be next followed by John Maine and Alay Soler. Gee you know what? After looking at that list of possible starters, I think I have the shits. AND NOW ANOTHER EPISODE OF THE DIRECTV/SNY BITCH AND MOAN CLUB Nothing has changed here just like movie Groundhog Day. I get to work I call DirecTV they tell me I'm on the preferred customer list. The rep and I have a nice talk kind of like Tony Soprano and Dr. Melfi. The DTV rep tells me they want to keep me and all the Mets fans who are subscribers happy and very badly want to flip the switch and give us SNY. I hang up and call SNY. The receptionist tells me "they are in negotiation" then switches me to Meggan Bossett who listens to my voice mail message, gives me the finger, and hits delete. And so it goes. But if you are lucky enough to have SNY in your home, you can tune tomorrow at 12:30 and see yours truly along with Matt of Metsblog, Andrew of Mets Geek and Greg of Faith and Fear doing our thing on the Bloggers Roundtable. < |