The Eddie Kranepool Society

Saturday, March 25, 2006

PROOF POSITIVE THAT BELTRAN SHOULD BAT IN THE TWO HOLE Carlos Beltran, Willie Randolph and Carlos Delgado can spin this any way they want but stop insulting us by saying Carlos Beltran, batting 3rd in the order with Reyes on 2nd and LoDuca on 1st NO OUTS, laying down a bunt is good baseball. That's not just bad baseball but it's SCARED baseball. If your a bona fide number 3 hitter and you get up with no outs and runners and 1st and 2nd with the next three batters Delgado, Floyd and Wright, who should be salivating knowing that you are going to see nothing but fastballs. Your mindset has to be nothing less than a double to knock in Reyes easily and put LoDuca on 3rd setting up 2nd and 3rd no outs for the big guns. But that was not how Carlos Beltran approached this at bat. He sacrificed. I'm numb about this. How does Willie not blow a cork? How does he defend this? I really don't like making comparisons but the first thing I thought of was can you imagine Lou Pinnella managing the Mets and this happened. Holy shit! He would have either killed Beltran or had a stroke. But Willie has no problem with it. Let me give Willie and Beltran a little heads up here, you pull this move at Shea when the Braves are in town and Tim Hudson puts two guys on in the 1st and Beltran bunts, get some ear plugs because the boos, profanities, and screams of anguish will be deafening. This ain't KC or Houston we don't tolerate bad baseball here. As for Willie if you still think Beltran is a number 3 hitter, then your just not paying attention.,0,6388236.story?coll=ny-sports-print < |