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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

OMAR SAYS, �WHAT ME WORRY? ABOUT INJURIES So let me get this straight. If Petey takes the mound next Monday in a game against the Nats, it�s a good bet he�ll make his opening day start on April 3. If he pitches in a bullpen session on Monday instead, then he MIGHT make his opening day start. If he doesn�t make either the start or bullpen session on Monday, the Mets are fucked, plain and simple. Petey will not make the opening day start and will miss a turn in the rotation. What does Omar think? {Am I worried? What�s today the sixth? Minaya asked, checking his watch for the date. �Not yet. I�m not worried about it. No. I think he�s going to be ready for Opening Day. That�s what I think today-that he will be ready for Opening Day�. �That being said, we�re not going to rush him just so he can pitch on Opening Day. We�re not rushing. We�re going to make sure when he goes to the field, he�s ready to go, whenever that time is�} You can �t get to bent out of shape here because we all knew sooner or later the drama would unfold. But if you�re the Mets you can�t tell me your not worried about Petey. I guess it�s just a coincidence that Mike Pelfry got to skip the bus ride to Vero Beach yesterday to pitch in the �B� game and got to stay in St. Lonesome against Team Puerto Rico. Then you get this quote from Willie Randolph about Pelfry: {For a kid getting his first taste, he�s handled himself pretty well, Randolph said. �Ideally those are the guys that may come quick.�} When was the last time you heard Willie toss a bouquet like that at a rookie? This is the same guy who thinks David Wright still needs to prove himself. From what the Mets brass has seen early in this spring it looks like the ETA for Pelfry to Flushing has moved up the charts. TENNIS ELBOW ANYONE? Guess who else has a boo-boo? Carlos Delgado. Seems he has tendonitis in his elbow but don�t worry it only hurts when he plays 1st base. Delgado�s elbow could have an effect on the Mets bullpen. How? Well if his elbow is still an issue on final cut down day, the Mets would have to go with 11 pitchers and keep Nady/Diaz on the roster so Nady can step in and play some 1st. Then we have Paul LoDuca who also has a bout of tendonitis in his hand and has not played yet this spring. LoDuca says he gets this every spring and by the end of spring training it�s fine. That�s good news. Hopefully it won�t affect his power numbers (3 home runs in �04 and 6 in �05 ooohh boy) In the 2006 Baseball Prospectus they don�t think too highly of LoDuca. {�The erstwhile heart, soul, and solar plexus of the Dodgers for whom the sun coast scribes still nurse giant unfulfilled man-crushes, turns out to be a run of the mill ballplayer when it comes to doing things like hitting and fielding, only the main parts of a ballplayers job�} < |